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Android Games free of all time is list of different games from random categories with high rating or most downloads on Playstore.

Table of Content
1. How we choose these Games?
2. Some Categories we ignore
3. Top Lists by Famous Sites
4. Short Summary of Android Games free of all time
5. Conclusion
Top 10 Android Games free of all time

How we choose these Games?

Unlike other sites, we have completely different way of choosing games from PlayStore. All games are selected from different famous categorizes like action, open world, simulation etc. Only one game is part of this list from each random type.

Sometime there is more games available in Playstore which are on top in a specific category. Game with most rating and downloads is chosen for our list of Android Games free of all time. It was impossible to select one game from many games which are perfect for everyone in a category.

Some Categories we ignore

Sports is famous among people but there is no way we can add any game from it. Different sports are famous in many countries and selecting only one from them is not fair. Some people love Football and other may hate it or love some other games such as Cricket.

There are many type of top strategy games available like turn base, RPG and many others. We cant cover all of them in this article and that’s why we have chosen one game which is Space strategy game and best in Playstore. People may not like this game but its most downloaded and high rated compare to many other strategy games.

Top Lists by Famous Sites

Many famous sites already created awesome lists about Android Games free of all time over the time. We suggest you to visit them as well to compare their lists with us. Android Authority and Android Central are best site who provide info related to everything connected with Android. Tech Advisor provide list with complete details & another site Whatoplay just add simple list on their site.

Short Summary of Android Games free of all time

  1. PubG Mobile (Action)
  2. Nova Empire – Space Commander (Strategy)
  3. Life After (Role Play & Survival)
  4. Galaxy Attack – Alien Shooter (Arcade)
  5. Ice Age Adventures (Adventure)
  6. Hill Climb Racing (Racing)
  7. Flight Pilot Simulator 3D (Simulation)
  8. Carrom Pool (Board)
  9. Gangster Vegas – World of Crime (Open World)
  10. Deer Hunter Classic (Hunting)

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1- PubG Mobile (Action)

Player Unknown Battle Ground is most awesome multiplayer game online which is very popular among people of all ages. Millions of active players are there who play it daily with each other. Game is build to play online only and there is no specific campaign which we can play offline like some other action games.

Concept of this game is simple where player team up together to defeat their enemies which are other players. All type of different weapons are used in this game to kill each other. This game is best for playing in mobile and its hard to find some other game which is equally or more popular compare to PUbG.

Download PubG Mobile (Action)

2- Nova Empire – Space Commander (Strategy)

Great space war game where millions of players fight with each other to control different parts of galaxy. Make alliances to attack others and save yourself when other groups attack you. Its hard to survive alone in this world where everyone is looking to defeat others to capture.

Build fleets, space stations and lot of other features to get advantage against others. Graphics are awesome and real HD quality to play this game and its really fun. Game is regularly updated and new features are always added for better experience.

Download Nova Empire – Space Commander (Strategy)

3- Life After (Role Play & Survival)

Most great awesome game created where you have to build a new life after deadly virus destroy most of humanity. Its like a survival game where you have to save yourself from others and build new hope for humanity. Most awesome game ever build for this type of concept is After Life.

You have to explore everything in this world which is full of infected areas, cold forest and very bad locations. Find other survivors and help them in your missions but you have to be careful from them. Build a camp which may become last hope for humanity in this world.

Download Life After (Role Play, Survival)

4- Galaxy Attack – Alien Shooter (Arcade)

Galaxy attack is one of best awesome popular arcade game with millions of active users. Its very simple game where you have a ship and only target is to shoot different upcoming objects on your way. You have to touch your screen and kill enemies.

Different items are available for you to collect and upgrade. Multiplayer mode allow to fight each other and there are over 160 levels in various difficulties. Sometime its difficult to fight when there are too much enemies but upgrades are important to defeat them.

Download Galaxy Attack – Alien Shooter (Arcade)

5- Ice Age Adventures (Adventure)

Ice Age is most popular movies series and everyone love from kids to old. This game is built for mobile and all characters are same from movies. All herd find them self in very trouble after they find out to be floating in this cold time.

Sid is left alone and need your help to save his friends. You can play after choosing one character from list and explore dangerous places like small islands. There are many enemies on map and there is no way to complete levels without defeating them.

Download Ice Age Adventures (Adventure)

6- Hill Climb Racing (Racing)

Most famous, high rated, millions of downloads, addictive and physics base game is Hill Climb Racing. This game is completely different from normal racing game and we have chose it because of many reasons. Play as character and climb everything from hills to large high places.

Everything is like a racing place for hero and it will not stop until climb everything comes to way. Many challenges are waiting for you where you have to use many vehicles to play. Upgrade your vehicles to complete different stages from easy to very hard.

Download Hill Climb Racing (Racing)

7- Flight Pilot Simulator 3D (Simulation)

There is no other game better then Flight Pilot in simulation where you can play as real pilot. Become a pilot and conquer skies with your skills. Graphics are real HD and its like a real life experience to play this game.

Many missions are added in this game from rescue to flight in dangerous places. There is no need of any internet connection and you can play it anywhere. Very less data is required to download this game and developers are trying to make this game available for every phone.

Download Flight Pilot Simulator 3D (Simulation)

8- Carrom Pool (Board)

Carrom pool is one of best popular board game which is available on playstore. Very simple game which everyone can easily understand and play with others. Huge variety of items are available to unlock to customize.

You can play with top players to test your skills. There is no limit to play with anyone from all over the world. It also support offline and you can unlock lot of new features which can make this game more interesting.

Download Carrom Pool (Board)

9- Gangster Vegas – World of Crime (Open World)

Gangster Vegas is game where you can play in world of crime. Everything is free to be done in open world game. You have to explore every part of this game to find everything. This game is like GTA where you have to complete missions or play randomly as per you desire.

Over 80 missions are available where you have to survive your life. Driving car is very important part of this game and its like real life experience. Become a gangster and customize your skills and everything to improve game play.

Download Gangster Vegas – World of Crime (Open World)

10- Deer Hunter Classic (Hunting)

FPS game where you can travel from one part of world to other and hunt different type of animals. There are many clubs build where you can join with friends and play co operation missions to work as team. You can hunt over 100 species and save yourself from dangerous animals when hunting.

Weapons are realistic and huge collection is available to play for each mission. Game is free but some items are available to purchase for real money. It allow users to talk to each other when playing game.

Download Deer Hunter Classic (Hunting)


Most of these games are on top of every search on Playstore. Millions of downloads are already done by users with high rating. But its not possible to include all of famous games in this list because we create top 10 only. We request you to suggest us any changes in list of anything you may like us to update.

Please share Android Games free of all time with Friends & Family.

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