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Best Cooking Channels on YouTube is list of most popular, active and trending Channels for those who love cooking different type of foods.

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1. Cooking Channels benefits for Creators
2. Cooking Channels benefits for Viewers
3. Top List of Channels by Famous Sites
4. Short Summary of Best Cooking Channels on YouTube
5. Conclusion
Top 10 Best Cooking Channels on YouTube

Cooking Channels benefits for Creators

Millions of people are visiting these channels and subscribe them for latest updates. Its not easy to make a channel and become famous on YouTube. Those who create these channels are receiving many benefits. They can practice their skills and receive thousands of reviews by people, what they feel about it.

It is beast way to sell cooking products when millions of people follow you. Creators can use a tool and show how much perfect it can be when cooking. Its easy way to promote any other cooking related site or create own site.

Some of these channels are linked to websites where all of recipe are written in article form. Creators are earn money from both YouTube monetization and also website visitors. Simple way to reach top is cook what people may love by using best way and upload videos then share on social media.

Cooking Channels benefits for Viewers

Users who visit these channels are also receiving benefits a lot from them. These channels includes hundreds of different cooking recipe which are good way to learn about cooking. Sometime it happens when someone cooking something, they may need to know more about specific recipe.

These channels are like teaching academy where you can learn many different dishes to make correctly. One important benefit is users can ask questions in comments and they may receive answers as per their questions. This is great for those who may not understand something in video.

Top List of Channels by Famous Sites

Business insider is awesome site which provide good information about top channels. Feedspot is site where you can find list of 100 famous food YouTube channels without any details. Ranker is another site which include top channel on base of community rating. Tasting Table is great site which provide details information about few top channels.

Short Summary of Best Cooking Channels on YouTube

  1. Maangchi
  2. Laura in Kitchen
  3. Village Cooking Channel
  4. Sorted Food
  5. Simple Cooking Channel
  6. Byron Talbott
  7. Home Cooking Show
  8. Bristi Home kitchen
  9. Jenny Can Cook
  10. Arabian kitchen

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1- Maangchi

Most famous channel with over 4.49 millions subscribers and millions of views of every video on it. Maangchi is a site which is connected to this YouTube Channel. All videos are available on it with complete written details of that recipe. This is channel about Korean style cooking and host is really awesome toe explain everything.

Some simple details about recipe are explained on start of video and host is using very simple English for every one to understand. Most of videos are short and there is no need for users to wait hours so host can cook live. Its best of this channel because they skip extra parts already.

Visit Maangchi

2- Laura in Kitchen

Laura in Kitchen is second most popular awesome channel with over 3.64 millions active subscribers already. Its connected to official website of Laura in Kitchen with complete explanation of all dishes in simple form.

Channel is about mostly Bakery type items and some very long details video are also available with live streaming. Few of videos are reached to million views but mostly videos are not popular compare to subscribers. Another part of channel is about Soup and salad recipes.

Visit Laura in Kitchen

3- Village Cooking Channel

Village cooking channel is very unique way of cooking and famous YouTube channel for South Indian People. One problem for other people is understanding of language and people are speaking their own language. There is millions of views for most of videos and it shows how much people love this channel.

Its not like someone is cooking in kitchen and mostly there is only one chef there. In this channel, many people are cooking together in a village for many people. Most of dishes are created in large quantity and everyone can understand what they are doing.

Visit Village Cooking Channel

4- Sorted Food

Channel with 2.37 millions subscribers and real unique way to cook. Its very funny style cooking channel connected to a site which offer club membership for everyone to help with cooking. There is many chefs who are talking, cooking, making fun and that why its special different style channel.

Most of videos are hardly reach to million views but there are over 500 thousands views for most videos which show its really good. Most of focus of this channel is fast food and easy short recipes. We suggest everyone who love fast to join it to learn awesome great dishes.

Visit Sorted Food

5- Simple Cooking Channel

One of best channel with 1.57 millions subscribers and over 10 millions views for some of videos they upload. Popularity of this channel is really high and they are uploading 5 videos every week. There is no limit about recipes. They cook everything from bakery items to dinner or famous random dishes.

It looks like only few videos are reached to top and mostly other recipes are not watched more then few thousands. This channel is not connected to any site but they are selling some online products via another store site. It is created by old chef who is main responsible of doing all stuff on it.

Visit Simple Cooking Channel

6- Byron Talbott

Its channel connected to Byron Talbott site which is great benefits for users and they can easily read all details of recipes after watching videos. Some of few categories available for this channel like they cook short, awesome breakfast meals. Some of quick tips videos are available for those who are trying to improve cooking.

Its not much popular channel and mostly video views are only in thousands and they officially offer to advertise by them. Language of this channel is English and that make it open for everyone to underrated easily about cooking.

Visit Byron Talbott

7- Home Cooking Show

Great open channel which include recipes from everywhere. Its large channel with many categories available. Most of videos are very short and its like stick to the point. Some of videos reached to millions of view and its popular channel for everyone.

They cook snacks, noodles, soup, rice, salads and too much more. Some Indian recipes are very popular on channel. There are over 1.35 millions subscribers and its 7th in our list of Best Cooking Channels on YouTube.

Visit Home Cooking Show

8- Bristi Home kitchen

Best channel for sweet lovers and most of recipes are about bakery items only. Over 1 millions subscribers and most of videos are watches millions of time which make it popular on YouTube. There is something is different about this channel and it makes it different from all channels in our list of Best Cooking Channels on YouTube.

We can’t hear any sound and also no one is there who can talk to us cooking live. They write all details about recipes on screen which are easy to reach. This channel is great benefits for those who cant understand English very well and reading subtitles make it easy for them.

Visit Bristi Home kitchen

9- Jenny Can Cook

Jenny Can Cook is awesome women who share her best cooking skills and her channel is very popular with 900 thousands subscribers. She also created a site where all recipes are available. Many videos reach to over millions of views which prove this channel is more popular other then its subscribers.

Its very old channel and there are not much of videos created on it. This is not much active all the time compare to many other channels. She cook random dishes and every video is completely awesome and explained.

Visit Jenny Can Cook

10- Arabian kitchen

This channel is not much popular but we include it in our list because it represent Arab, Pakistani and Indian style of cooking. Its very active and they are updating regularly. There is no one cooking on screen and all important details are written on screen for everyone.

They add many sweet dishes, bakery recipes and some other traditional foods which are very popular like pakoras, biryani etc. We hope everyone will love to visit and check this channel for learning about awesome dishes.

Visit Arabian kitchen


These channels are added on base of how many subscribers are there following these channels. We accept there are hundreds of famous channels and there is no way to add all of them here. Few channels are only limited to specific community or representing a region like Arabian Kitchen.

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