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Best FPS Games Android is a list based on famous FPS games available on playstore with high rating, most downloads and active users. Comment below if you disagree with us in any way.

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FPS Games
Comparison of Lists to other sites
Short Lists of Best FPS Games Android

FPS Games

First Person Shooting is genre of Action game involving Guns and other weapon based combat in first person prospective. Its almost like other genres of action games in many way. There are lot of top HD FPS games available in Playstore and many people are playing these games online and offline. FPS commonly give players choice of weapons and its depends on players how they’re getting to use them. 

There are few modes in FPS like Multiplayer, Single Player and more. In multiplayer mode some players need to compete against one another , work together as a team to defeat other teams of players or team against another AI to complete missions. Some times it depends on high score, capture other player main building, kill all other players to finish game and attain victory. In these games players can find weapons, food and lot more on map and it depends on them what proportion they will find and use against opponents.

FPS games are over 50 years old and very popular with time. Hundreds of games were made on different type of platforms in past and in present most popular are PC and Android system in mobiles. In past FPS games weren’t in good quality but lately real top quality graphics are available in these games. Players can enjoy some best games of PC on Android these days. 

Comparison of Lists to other sites

Android Authority is one of top site providing list of top 10 FPS games for Android. Phone Arena is number one website which create famous lists for phones in all categories. All these are top sites but they are not providing basic information like us on site and everyone should visit on play store to see details. This is one of best point which give our site better points compare to these old sites of top lists. We request users to help us by commenting and giving feedback after comparing with different sites.

Short Lists of Best FPS Games Android

  1. Cover Fire Offline Shooting Battle
  2. Sniper 3D Gun Shooter
  3. Guns of Boom
  4. Hitman Sniper
  5. Gun War
  6. Sniper Strike
  7. Shadowgun Legends
  8. Modern Ops
  9. Bullet Force
  10. Modern Combat 5

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1- Cover Fire Offline Shooting Battle

Cover fire is one of best game to play which is available offline. Total 1 million good reviews are given to this game. In Cover Fire you will be shooter who lead squad through deserts, fields, cities, defeat all kind of hitmans and defend victims from hostages in war survival game in best gameplay on mobile. You should face too much tanks, vehicles, armies and more as leader of rebel group. There is a challenging story mode which is very fun to play with many missions available.

Setup assassin squad with their unique skills like hacker, sniper, assault man and lots of more. Unlock new sniper shooter and lots of more achievements in game. Join the resistance and command with skills like professional sniper. Its one of best FPS addictive game available on playstore.

2- Sniper 3D Gun Shooter

 Its one among best game with over 10 millions reviews on playstore. Sniper 3D is also available offline and doesnt required internet connection all times to play it. This game saves data when playing online and players can surf internet, play videos and more when playing this game. Its free to play but users can buy few items for real money if they want. PvP mode allow users to fight one another , test their killing skills, and fun to play.

Follow the rules of your training and act. There are millions of players available to play online against each other. Unlock awesome weapons and upgrade them as per requirements. There is one mode available where you will have to kill zombies and its one best mode to kill dead walking people. There are many missions available during this game and its continuous fun for everybody.

3- Guns of Boom

Player against player with simple easy control is made for you. Support for older devices is available and graphics are very awesome and high quality compare to lot other games of similar type. Players can create a unique character in game with lot of options available to customize. Game is updated regularly with new changes and also some new events and lot more. There is pro play mode where players can compete with very good teams globally.

There are lot of different tournaments with huge prizes and every one can play them for fun and prizes. One season was held in 2018 with 200000 dollars prize and second season has over half million for prize.

4- Hitman Sniper

Its one of best fps games Android and downloaded over 10 millions time. Its paid game with very less price and available in playstore. Hitman is essentially Pc game and its very famous among players with many various versions available to play. Become the last word silent assassin during this game and complete very challenging, awesome and competitive missions. Non stop action in Zombie hunter mode where real players are tested by their skills and perfection. Its survival challenge in death valley. 

There are more then 150 missions and 10 contracts and players can pay one time money to access all of them. There are lot of different type of weapons to choose for different missions as per requirements. Players fight against each other to reach top on leader board. In this option players can compete with other players to win and get high score. This game is also update continues with new features and lot of many new missions and more.

5- Gun War

Gun War is extremely small but awesome game to play those that love FPS games. Its offline and players can download and play without requirements of any internet connection. This game added 15 languages, 6 types of games, more then 100 shooting tasks, many maps and more.

World championships leaderboard os awesome to compete against others and reach to top. Its special optimize for mobile system and very fast quick start for mobiles. Developers are adding support for all type of Android devices and they request users to report any problems found with their devices. Its free but players can buy some features in application for real money.

6- Sniper Strike

Join millions for players online during playing this ultimate sniper action game. There are hundreds of missions available to play in this game and there is 3 game play modes. Its one of best sniper game ever on mobile and millions for people already downloaded it. Team up with strike force and compete in many missions.

It allows users to play each other and compete for top leader board. Elite commanders can kill with good shots. More you win, better you play. It offers upgrades for weapons and similar to other game many features are available. Over 10 millions download and high rating made this game to 6th in line.

7- Shadowgun Legends

Perfect gameplay with player vs player, co operation and storyline campaign is Shadowgun. In sci-fi Shadowgun legends game, humanity is under fire by alien forces. Heroes and legends are last line of defence and anybody can join to become one among them. In thriller story campaign play over hundred of missions on 4 different planets. Join friends and fight against dangerous players, or join war arena and try to survive. 

Choose from 600 unique weapons like  heavy machine guns, sniper rifles and many more. Over 1000 armours are available to make body defenses. Talk with friends in game, accept missions and lot more.

8- Modern Ops

Important features of this game are more then 30 modern guns, pistols where players can choose their own tactics for every missions like sniper alternatively . Up to 10 players can compete in game one time. Players can make teams and fight against other teams all over the world.

Compete in rank seasons to succeed in on top of other players. Play with friends or players and complete missions together. Game is updated regularly with new features. Play for cops or bandits and fight accordingly. Buy different weapons and ammo to urge superior over other players and simply defeat them in several competitions. 

9- Bullet Force

Bullet Force is fast action fps Android free game. Fight alongside with team mates in massive 20 players war using very awesome powerful weapons and kill all enemies in this survival game. Its weapon are great and mostly almost like other awesome games.

Four ways are built to play game like free for all and team battle. Setup custom match as per requirements and make own modern PvP. This game can also be played offline and some awesome features doesn’t required any internet connection.

10- Modern Combat 5

This game is part of best premium series of multiplayer games. Create own squad and fight in battlefield. . It supports high level online multiplayer where players can talk to each other and make plans and strategies together. There is awesome level system and players can check their levels and more in separate option. This game required internet connection and it should be strong to play this level of high quality game.

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