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Best free News Websites worldwide in 2020 is list of most popular sites providing news of a specified region to whole world.

Table of Content
1. Which part of world we cover in this article?
2. Effects of news sites on our life
3. Top Lists by Famous sites
4. Short Summary of Best free News Websites worldwide
5. Conclusion
Best free News Websites worldwide

Which part of world we cover in this article?

Our purpose to write this article is provide information about top trending active sites who provide best latest news about world. There is no way that one site can cover whole world and we have selected sites covering random parts of world.

Chinese site provide info about China and there is no other site who can provide best new compare to a Chinese site. One site is selected for each region like Arab, America, Africa, Europe, India and others.

What is language for all these sites?

These sites provide all news in English language. Most of focus of news of these sites is their own specific country or area, that’s why they must have own language included on site. They add English language news for those who want to read in English, or whole world can read them.

Choose Region site for better news

We suggest you to choose these site as per your interest. There is no point of choosing CNN news if you want to know about whats happening in Africa. Also if you are looking for whats happening in USA, you should not read news from Euro News or China Daily.

Effects of news sites on our life

Sites are very effective and very important for everyone life. Most sites are connected to different news channels and provide all information already given on Tv. Users are visiting these sites to read latest news if they miss any news by chance from Tv.

Few sites are only available online and proving awesome news with details. All of these sites are collecting news from channels and other sources. People already stopped purchasing newspaper because they can find everything on large news sites.

Top Lists by Famous sites

Few awesome list are created by different top sites but they are doing same mistake of providing list on popularity base. Our list is unique and its all about regions news from all over the world. FeedSpot includes list of 100 sites with short detail. Some other sites who provide good news are Tech Worm, EBiz MBA and Digit Bin.

Short Summary of Best free News Websites worldwide

  1. Google News
  2. CNN News
  3. BBC News
  4. The Time of India
  5. China Daily
  6. Aljazeera
  7. TASS Russian News Agency
  8. Africa News
  9. Euro News
  10. ARY News

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1- Google News

Google News is completely different from all other sites in list and also best for everyone. This site is like search Engine of every news site available on internet. When someone search for something, it collects results from different sites mostly created in same area.

One of best site which provide news for all countries as per user requirements. You can search for news from all over the world. We recommend using this site because its collection of quality news from all sites available on internet.

Visit Google News

2- CNN News

CNN is american best news site to provide latest updates from all over the world. There is no limit that its for USA people only because they have section full with news from all over the world. All news are properly categorized by site creators.

CNN is mostly focus on USA and there is no other site who can provide best latest updates from America other then CNN. Its also news channel which is very favorite of whole country. All news are completely explained on site with videos and articles etc.

Visit CNN News

3- BBC News

BBC is famous channel from UK and its available in many countries. They provide news for all world and also build separate sites related to many languages for many countries. Its also very popular news channel providing live streaming on their site.

Their focus is about providing news about UK with complete details but you can find awesome news on their site from all over the world. Complete system is build for news, pictures and live tv also videos.

Visit BBC News

4- The Time of India

India is world largest populated country in world and there is no way any channel from outside world can provide that much details info about them. Time of India is focusing on news about all India and their site is well designed better then any other news site in the world.

This site is full of section and its like magazine where they talk about everything. We can say their site is written form of a news channel. News are available from all over the world in arranged categorizes by country.

Visit Time of India

5- China Daily

China daily is best site which provide news about China and there is global edition of site which focus on whole world. Daily news paper is provided to download or read online. Both editions are perfect and includes many videos separated in different categories.

One full section is only to focus on China with all news provided about China. Their application is awesome like other sites to easy access all news in world. Many other sites links are connected to their site to provide good information related to news.

Visit China Daily

6- Aljazeera

Best Tv channel focusing on news in Arab world is Aljazeera. There is no other news site which can offer good quality latest news about Arabic countries other then Aljazeera. Some sections are build on this site to provide easy access for visitors.

Documentaries is important part of Aljazeera where they created awesome information video on different topics. List of popular shows on their Tv Channel is also provided for viewers. Easy access is also available to their channel live where detail of all upcoming program is mentioned.

Visit Aljazeera

7- TASS Russian News Agency

Complete news information is provided about Russia on this site with details. Its mostly focused on local news but one section for world news is also created. This site is not well arranged like others and few sections are created for local news only.

Sidebar for latest short news is also created for fast access. Political news are mostly published compare to any other categories. Almost all news are short and like to the point on this site.

Visit TASS Russian News Agency

8- Africa News

Africa news is not about only one or few countries of region but their focus is everyone who live in Africa. Vision of this site is to provide information related to tech, daily news, science and much more to people.

All programs created by them are listed on this site for easy access. Short videos section is build properly with full of news from all over the world. Live news channel option is also available for those who want updates fast.

Visit Africa News

9- Euro News

Euro news is very large site which focus on news from all over the world. They have separate section for Europe which includes news only from all countries in Europe. Videos and articles are part of this sites other then news.

Live channel provide with easy access to watch streaming and also latest released programs. There are only few categories like sports, business, culture and others on site.

Visit Euro News

10- ARY News

One of best Channel from Pakistan and favorite in whole country. Millions of Urdu speaking lovers use this channel and site for getting latest update. Live streaming is available on site and English version provide every news in English language.

They store all headlines videos, latest programs and everything on YouTube which are easy to access from site. International news section is providing good information about whole world in English. There is easy access button to switch to read everything in Urdu Langauge.

Visit ARY News


World is changing with time and people are looking for news on internet more then Tv channels or Newspapers. Almost every channel already build their site because they how much its important for them to survive. These sites are more visited then people watching news on Tv. You can also find thousands other sites for news but we have chosen best out of them for you.

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