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Best Free Podcast Apps for Android is list of all popular, most downloaded and high rated podcasts apps available on play store.

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1. What are Podcast Application?
2. Popularity of Podcast
3. Short Summary of Best Free Podcast Apps for Android
4. Few Lists by Famous Sites
5. Conclusion

What are Podcast Application?

Podcast is free service which allow users on internet to listen different audio files which are uploaded on different sites. They connect sites with application and that make users possible to listen them. Podcast application are more better and awesome way to listen to great content produced by users.

There is no limit or any special type of audio to be included on these application. Thousands of people are using them everywhere from home to traveling etc. Its like revolution and replacement of radio in upcoming time. Many application allow people to open their own channels.

Popularity of Podcast

Podcast may become very popular in near future because their popularity is increasing day by day. Thousands of people are joining them every month. These app provide choices what they want to listen and almost cover every topic. It means there is something to listen for everyone on these platforms.

Its very big problems for those who are new to select application for them which is best in everything. We believe it will not take much time when it may become need of most of people to listen to podcasts. Its really fun and amazing to listen to people who talk about our favorite topics.

Few Lists by Famous Sites

Some famous sites already made a lot of posts about top application and we suggest you to check them too. Make Use of is great information provide site and you can find 8 top podcast application there. Android Authority is all about android and includes every information people may need to know about it. They create top 10 list of Best Free Podcast Apps for Android. Some other sites are Pc Mag & UBUNTU PIT.

Short Summary of Best Free Podcast Apps for Android

  1. Google Podcast
  2. Special Podcast by Castbox
  3. Podcast Addict
  4. Stitcher Podcast Player
  5. DoublePod Podcasts 
  6. Podcast & Radio iVoox
  7. Go Podcast
  8. Republic Podcast
  9. Spreaker Podcast Player

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1- Google Podcast

Google Podcast is official application by Google and that’s why its one of best in world. There are many reasons why this application is top and some of them are like Google is famous. Millions of people trust on it and when a popular brand like this create something, it will receive automatic popularity.

Users can subscribe their favorite podcast after searching from home page. Many awesome podcasts are suggested to user by App to explore. Its easy to find popular and trending shows related to any category. One awesome feature is user can skip, put in queue and also all history is saved for later use. Users can download, listen everywhere they want with out internet.

Visit Google Podcast

2- Podcast by Castbox

This is one of best placation after Google Podcast and there are millions of users with thousands of podcasts. Sound system is really perfect for kids, young and people of all ages. its real time experience with high quality better then most of other apps. Mission of creators is to provide every one free access to podcasts anytime anywhere.

Many awards are given to this application and that shows how much its popular. App is regularly update to fix any problem very fast. Users can listen or download over 100 millions podcast episodes in different languages or categories.

Visit Podcast by Castbox

3- Podcast Addict

Another best app where billions of episodes are already downloaded. Too many different options are available to manage user account. They show one small banner in bottom of their app and user can purchase to remove any ads with awesome experience. Many new features are available to access after buying it.

Features are mostly similar to many other podcast apps but in improvement way. Subscription is easy to save on cloud and easy to access from anywhere or if someone lost it.

Visit Podcast Addict

4- Stitcher Podcast Player

Stitcher Podcast is less popular compare to many people but there are thousands of users already. This is common practice users download more then one apps to find which one is best for them. There is no limit to subscribe as many podcasts users want to receive latest episodes on time.

Playlist is other feature where users can add favorite collection of podcasts to listen later when traveling or free. Premium feature is very important because it gives access users to Stitcher original creations.

Visit Stitcher Podcast Player

5- DoublePod Podcasts 

Best podcast apps with many amazing features and lot of improved from others. Downloading of any podcast is very easy and special feature of this app is to play them on any player available in phone. Any download file become audio for mobile and users can access it by using any player.

Saving data is very easy on this app because it save streaming data using app inside system. When use listen again to same podcast, it consume very less data compare to original time. It also support android Tv and many other great features are part of it.

Visit Podcast Player

6- Podcast & Radio iVoox

iVoox is very popular with average rating of 4.5 and thousands of positive reviews. Completely free to listen to anything like kids stories, radio shows, lectures from famous podcast, poems and biographies etc. You can listen to anything with requirements of subscribe to anything.

Recommended podcast and episodes is very powerful feature in this app because it learn what users need by using many ways. If you listen something and app auto provide you almost similar podcasts, it make it most awesome app ever.

Visit Podcast & Radio iVoox

7- Podcast Go

Podcast Go is best player for android phone and it also allow users to search, download their favorite podcast. Built in subscribe option is also available to follow favorite artists. Thousands of episodes are available to explore by different categories like news, game, education etc.

Its up to users to choose theme of app and also speed rate of every episode. Many languages are included in it which are for better user experience of those who cant understand english. Special feedback option is added and developers request to submit for any suggestion or problems any one face.

Visit Podcast Go

8- Podcast Republic

Real high quality with thousands of rating high rating, this is another best podcast app for android. Many good audio effects are included for better results. This app is not limited to only one feature but some other features like managing RSS eed, YouTube channels etc.

Multiple playlist are allowed and also you can listen to live radio channels streaming. Importing or exporting of subscription is allowed which is best for users not to lose important data. User can rate and review favorite shows easily.

Visit Podcast Republic

9- Spreaker Podcast Player

Design of this app is really cool and most powerful to work anywhere fit to mobile also. Very simple process to give feedback to host about what you feel. Users can chat with hosts when they are talking. Sign up via Facebook or Twitter is also allowed.

Some special play lists are created on different topics and top high quality podcast are included. Users can easily use these playlist to find similar podcast on any topic without wasting time to search on app.

Visit Spreaker Podcast Player


Best way to listen thousands of audio book is this famous app. Its like a world library where users can visit and find anything they are looking for easily. This app is not only about books but it includes all features to be a podcast player.

Audio books are easy to download and listen offline. There is premium access required to access books but podcast player is free where users can listen to unlimited episodes and favorite hosts.



Podcast is evolution of radio and we believe there is no more space left for radio in new world. Millions of people are using podcast and making it more popular then radio. These services provide too much new features and people are showing interest in these apps.

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