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Best Freelance Jobs for Writers Online is list of all possible ways for writers to earn money online with their writing skills.

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Requirements for a Writer to Work Online?
Is it possible for Writers to earn money online?
Top Lists by Famous Sites
Short Summary of Best Freelance Jobs for Writers Online

Requirements for a Writer to Work Online?

Earning money is never easy anywhere for everyone. Those who know how to write, with special gift of writing can explore too many ways to make money online. Its not like old times where only few opportunities were available for that kind of people. Write in a magazine, create a story with limited audience and many similar less earning methods.

Its internet world where everything is changed for all people. Many opportunities are available for people and they don’t know about it. Few good writers are still out there writing for a very less money for limited audience.

Ready To create free Work

This is must fulfil requirement for both old writers or beginners. Who will pay money to someone if they don’t know a writer is capable to complete task given to them? Experienced writers can show their work and tell these people what they can do. This is big problem for those who just start because they should show to them about their skills.

All kind of writers must be ready to write free samples or short complete content to prove their abilities. Its like CV for them to get hired easily. There are too many categories and thousands of topics to write. If someone already write in one category and planning to write for some other topic, he may receive request to show if they can write for this topic too?

Fluent in English

Most of writing jobs are available in English. Hundreds of sites and those who looking to hire someone are using same language English. Its popular among everyone and really hard to find work when using a local language. A successful writer must be fluent in English.

Mistakes when writing are big problem for writers and people who hire always look for quality work to be done when they pay for it. A writer with weak language score can easily lose chances to get work when some other writers are available who are fluent in same language.

Unique Style

Everyone have their own unique style of writing. We suggest to make own way to write by using different creative methods. Don’t copy everyone on internet and tell other people its my work. No one can steal written work of great writers and stay safe forever. Its common to get ideas from other people work but write that in own way is important.

There are many topics like Make Money Online is world famous all the time. You can observe how other people write about it. But never try to copy them, all you can do is get some ideas and write better then what they have written. Its more effective if you can think of some your own unique ways of earning money online.

Creative Mind

Writers must have some abilities to create content. NO one is successful if they only steal ideas from other people or always thinking about copying them. A story writer must create own story with everything unique in it. Its so simple to read few stories, steal their ideas and create your own. People never love that because they always looking for something new.

Someone is successful if they are not creative in many other fields but writing is all about creativity. We believe some people have natural gift to write but many other people with good knowledge can also write.

Spent Time

Time is very important to start earning online. A writer may write something and submit somewhere to review it, who think it as good practise? To be successful, everyone should write more and also submit to many different sites.

If a site can review and answer in 3 days, what a writer must do in that time? Sometime these sites can reject a writer because of many reasons. Spending time is very important for everyone to get accepted.

Focus on one target

A writer may have many choices and different methods to explore online. Its better to focus on one place instead of wasting time everywhere. Someone who receive a target to write few articles must complete it first instead of writing his own Book. Never try too many methods same time or you may not be able to earn anything.

Its not a big deal if different ways of used in same methods because its best practise. Someone who is trying to get accepted as writer online to write for random sites must submit its work to various sites. But there is no need to focus on creating sample work and submitting and also start writing for other sites too.


Those people who know how much its hard to earn money in real life can easily understand difficulties of internet. Sometime it can take days, weeks to start earning anything. Patience is basic for beginners or those who are expert in real life. But it depends on your work too. A good writer who get accepted fast can easily start making money in days.

Is it possible for Writers to earn money online?

Its difficult but true and hundreds of people are using random ways to make money online. Lot of opportunities are there for good level writers. We believe online is more powerful system then real life because writers have thousands of random opportunities which is not possible around them.

Try 1st if you don’t believe

There is no need to make it full time on beginning for your journey. Writers can start with less time by writing little every day. If someone think he is good at writing, he must submit his work to various sites and wait for results. Specially those people who think earning money online for writers is not possible, we suggest them to try and its free for all.

Focus on real life job

Focus on real life job is important and its not like quit everything to earn online. Some methods are good enough to work part time. Its not possible for everyone to reach to high level where there is no need of real job. Some writers can quit if they can earn more money online compare to real life.

Availability of online work is similar to Real life job

There is no guarantee that a writer can earn money whole life with out any break. Earning online is same like doing a office job where Boss can terminate us any day. But major advantage online is lot too much opportunities compare to real life. Finding a job in real life is hard but switching from one site to another is easy.

Top Lists by Famous Sites

Lot of sites already made awesome list to provide god information to help writers. Some of these site are only about sites which pay for writing for them. The Writer Finder is most awesome information site where you can see few top sites where work for writers is available.

One most popular site with over 15 different ways for writer to earn money online is The Write Life. There is not full details about those methods but everyone can get a good idea to explore. Money Mozart is a site who provide links of many sites who provide work for writers. Its not about discussing different methods but a great collection of sites for you to start writing career.

You can also explore Shout Me Loud where only 4 methods are discussed but they explain a lot about freelance writers jobs. We suggest you to write our article and also visit these great sites because you can get more help if we may miss something.

Short Summary of Best Freelance Jobs for Writers Online

  1. Make a blog
  2. Join Freelance Websites
  3. Writing Forums
  4. Permanent Jobs
  5. Writers Sites
  6. Review Products
  7. Guest Blog Post
  8. Partner with Sites
  9. Create Tutorials
  10. Social Media

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1- Make a blog

Making a blog is one of best method to earn money online for writers. It depends on writer skills or knowledge on which topic they can write better. Many sites are providing good free blogs creation options. Purchasing a hosting and creating a site with full access is also another awesome idea. This is 1st in list of Best Freelance Jobs for Writers Online because there is no other method better then this one.

Join Other sites who provide free blogs

Joining famous sites with blog option is great advantage because they have own visitors. Thousands of people are looking for great content on these sites. A writer who create good content and confuse about options to get audience must join these sites.

HubPages / Medium / Scribd / InfoBarrel / Wizzley / Xomba

Make own blog site

Second option is to make own site using different free or paid platforms. On these sites writers are responsible for everything from full content to getting visitors or rank in Google. One major advantage is writer can get paid full amount of all earnings. Owners of different sites who provide free blogs can deduct earning and keep good share for themselves. This is one of best method part of Best Freelance Jobs for Writers Online.

Some popular and Favourite common topics for blog

Health is very common topic and specially common health tips for everyone. A writer who can write on health related topic must create a site about it or join blogs on many sites. Millions of people are searching for it everywhere from social media to Google and best for writers to explore.

There is no other topic which is most popular and always will be and its Earn Money Online. We suggest writers to create content about it. Thousands of methods and new ways are already available but still people are looking to explore more. Who don’t want money? More people are looking for online methods after it becomes very difficult to get real life job.

Millions of people love History and they love to search for it and explore all the time. One major advantage for this topic is that history cant change. Most of content written on site will stay fresh forever.

Earn Money From Personal Blog

One method to earn money from a site is Ads from different networks. What a writer can do is create good content like articles on topic which is popular and everyone is searching for. Its easy to get traffic from social and also Google after sometime. This is difficult process and really hard for many people who don’t know anything about blogging.

Blogspot / Wix / Weebly / WordPress / Square Space

Create Identity

One advantage to write on blog created by different site like medium is creation of writer identity. Its like creating a brand in world full of thousands of writers. Someone who can provide awesome content on popular sites become famous with time. Its not just about earning money by writing for them but to create identity which can help to get better work or job in near future.

2- Join Freelance Websites

Some online market places are build for everyone to hire skilled people for various projects. These sites also provide tasks for writers. Thousands of people are looking for writers to complete simple projects like write article, create posts, even someone can hire for full time.

UpWork / IWriter / FlexJobs / Blogging Pro / Freelancer / The Writer Finder / Constant Content / Text Broker / Self Publishing

Early Difficulty to build profile

Biggest problem of freelance site is high competition. Very difficult to compete with those writers who are already there making money with high ranked profiles. It can take time and everyone gets their share. Just create profile and wait for opportunities.

Always start with cheap

Offer services with less price when you start with nothing. No one like new writers who provide services for more money when they have no record, reviews or any credibility. Many people can think about giving a chance to writers with cheap services to test if they can save some money. Many of users may not have much money to hire expansive writers like small sites owners.

Spent Quality Timing

Don’t just create your profile and disappear from these sites. Many of these sites provides mobile applications and that’s best way to stay in contact to check status of account. It is surely can damage your reputation that someone may contact you too hire but you are offline for whole day?

Permanent Source of Income

Some site owners or good employers are looking to hire writers for weeks or months. Its possible someone hire you to write all posts on their site for years. With all of this competition but it can easily become full time source of income for hard workers. Too many people are already doing that after they quit real life jobs.

3- Writing Forums

Who is not interested in joining thousands or millions of people similar to their interest? Many forums are created for writers with active writers or those who want to hire them. This is best idea to start for beginners. In these platforms we can discuss work of other people and also share our content and ask them for free review it.

Writer Forum / Writing Forums / Book Rix / Critique Circle / Mibba / Nano Wrimo / Get Under Lined / HatRack / The Next Big Writer / Reddit

Main Purpose of Forums

Forums are large communities where thousands of people gather for different purpose. They create threads and post under other people created topics. Mostly these forums are purpose of helping each other. One of modern form of forums is Facebook group. Its hard to find good active forums because there are hundreds of forums available on internet which are dead with no activity.

Review others Threads

Its not easy to get other people attention if you are not active in writing forums. Everyone is looking to receive posts under their threads. They appreciate those who always try to help others. Its best for you to involve in forum activities. If someone write a plot of story, looking other people to review it and no one say anything, what that user will do for others?

Make Friends

One best use for a writer of these forums is make friends. Each forum is full of thousands of active writers and most of them are already successful. We suggest you to contact them ask about their way of earning money from online writing. Its easy to find good teacher who can help improve writing.

Share free Content

One way to impress others and get followers is provide free content. Share free tips and write complete reviews on other topics created by community members. Write some threads of your own which can help writers in any way. Your threads can soon become most popular in whole community.

What are Actual methods to earn from writers forums?

You can get traffic for your site, sell traffic for other sites, best way to sell books from affiliate sites, ask users to follow your social media platforms. Most of these forums are about improving writing, skills and reach to high level of writing for free.

Earn Money By Posting or Commenting

This is different type of money forums where users get money after quality posting and stay active. Its difficult to start and they ask for good level of English to post. Some of them ask to submit few posts to review before user is accepted.

Digital Money Talk / My Lot / Post Loop / The Forum wheel

4- Permanent Jobs

Many small or large companies are looking for different kind of writers for their projects. These are like real job but one major benefit of being writer is that you don’t need to be present somewhere. Thousands of jobs are easy to explore and search online.

These are like contract with company but you have to submit your work online to them. Few of employers may ask for presence of writers in their office but mostly its common to use internet and home base work.

Use Common Sites

Indeed and many other sites are awesome way to find jobs online. Many jobs are also available for writers on permanent basis. For example, a news agency can hire writer to write for them. Magazine owners can look for a write online who can provide good content for them.


World best site with millions of employers and those who are looking for work is LinkedIn. User must create good profile with all details and experience to get hired. Another method is search for available jobs. Follow top companies who provide full time jobs or contact owners of different small writing companies.

Contact Companies and Offer your services

One another way to get hired is find good companies related to writing and send them your proposal and try to convince them about you. Its best way to get in line first when there is any position available. Any one who may need writer and they know about your work , skill may think about giving you chance before searching for anyone else.

Use Connections or Relations

Best way is to ask help from friends and family. There is possible chance that they dont know any one hiring but its surely possible someone hiring in their contacts. Its what can spread like a virus everywhere.

5- Writers Sites

Its similar to writing forums or freelance sites but major difference is that these sites are build for readers. Millions of active readers are available looking to read something new and good opportunity for writers to access to them. Writers are free to build their profile and start submitting awesome stories or content.

Creativity Portal / Six Word Memoirs / Story Bird / NaNoWriMo / Young Writers Society / Writing Cooperative / Writers Chat Room

Create a Profile with followers

Beginning with these sites is very simple because all you need is to create profile and start adding great content. There are 2 ways to get more followers. One is use of social media and other is common readers of these sites. You can create article and share on social media or wait for readers to reach it and follow you.

Earn Money for Great stories or Content

Some site can put your article on top and that means your article can reach on a level where everyone get direct access to it. These sites also pay writers for great content which is accepted on top. Its possible these sites can sell your articles to others and you also get some good share.

Sell traffic or back link for sites

One way to make money is contact other sites owners who are looking for traffic or back links and give their site URL in your posts. One link is allowed in mostly sites but some of them don’t care about it. Very easy way to find people in need of traffic or back link is freelance sites.

Improvement of skills

High level sites never allow everyone to enter in their site and write for them. Best chance for writers is to submit article and wait for results. They can think about improving after getting rejected. Mostly site owners can explain with details why they reject any content.

6- Review Products

Selling any product is easy if we can convince buyer about it. Its good chance for writer to earn money if they can write awesome reviews about products and sell them or help selling them. Few products required to be purchased but mostly information you can get from different sites.

Create Site & connect with Affiliate programs

Creating a review a easy for more of products because all required information is mostly available on internet. You can create site with products and write awesome reviews which show how much great these products are for everyone. People who are looking for product always looking for all details about it from top to bottom.

Partnership / Offer services to Affiliate Products sellers

Many site owners who are selling products using affiliate marketing are looking for good writers. Its not possible for everyone to be a good writer. You can offer them to write details for products for some price. They can pay you money in advance or you can get partnership in earning percentage.

Write free Reviews – Earn By Ads

Create a site and start reviewing products of all type from other sites to services, physical products to anything available on internet. After sometime when your site will get traffic because people are searching for reviews on internet all the time. They want to read reviews by many random sites before buy or use anything.

Write free Reviews – Earn by Offers

One best method is make your site famous and then sell popularity of site. If your site become good factor for people to decide whats best for them, you can easily move reviews up down. Its possible someone offer you to update their review and pay good money for that which is not good but effective method to earn money.

7- Guest Blog Post

Most famous way to earn money is write for different sites. You should be good writer with great knowledge to start writing for random sites. These sites receive good content and also pay money for your services.

Live Blogspot / Mashable / Get Response / Post Planner / Blog Engage / IBlog Zone / Basic Blog Tips / HellBound Bloggers / Famous Bloggers / Viral Blog / Sociable Blog

Begin With free Writing

Top sites on any topic always welcome great writers and their awesome content. We suggest writers to visit any site related to their favourite topic and create one sample article, send to site owners. Your target should be to add at least one free post on their site. Never start with offering paid posts to them great sites because they will refuse.

Look for chances to Join Them Permanently

You can get 2 different benefits from these sites. If you continue post great articles for them, they can coincide you to join them as partner. Or you can ask them to pay you money after you felt they are fully satisfied about what you are doing. Too many sites are available and its all about how much time a writer can spend and give to them.

Show your work to Get hired anywhere

One benefit for writing high ranked site is that it will become good advantage for you to get hired anywhere. You can show your work to anyone and prove what you are your abilities. Some of sites can pay you money after accepting your articles.

8- Partner with Sites

This is easy way to earn money from any site available on internet. What is process of becoming partner with sites? A writer should visit sites related to favourite topic and check quality of their content. Its simple to ask them to be content partnership with you. Offer them your services for writing for them. One of best easy way in our list of Best Freelance Jobs for Writers Online.

How to Convince them?

Targeting site with less quality content is key to success. Many site owners who are running site on basis of social media or less visitor can accept your proposal. Its good chance for them to have awesome content to receive good attention of visitors. Some people already build good sites but they don’t have time to spent on them. You can offer them to write full time for them on already ranked growing site.

Earn as per content quantity

Simple method of earning money is to offer them cheap articles as per site requirements. Its difficult for many site owners to pay money specially when they are not even earning. Those who are already earning can pay some good money. Its similar to get tasks from freelance site.

Partnership in profit

One way to convince these site owners is pay me after earning begin. You can discuss percentage and start writing together with these sites owners. Something you should know is that its hard to trust on people. Talk to them and think about what their mind set is about partnership.

Provide them Traffic

Most of sites are suffering from lack of visitors. Creation of a site is not hard these days but making it high ranked with full of traffic is impossible for everyone. A creative writers can offer these sites owners to provide with traffic. There are many ways where writer can create good posts with links of site owners.

9- Create Tutorials

A creative writer is someone with unlimited possibilities of earn money. There is chance to create any type of tutorial which can benefit others. People are always looking to learn from someone who can provide them with free training. As a writer its easy to get information from other sources and write in own words to make it more best way of knowledge for learners.

Write Tutorials for others

Some people specially those who create awesome YouTube channel are not always happy. Many of them are looking for great content and also those who teach students on different Teacher sites like Udemy. Offer good written tutorial for them and receive awesome payment.

Make free Tutorial and build followers Community

Best way is create own tutorial about anywhere in which people are most interested. Thousands of people are giving premium paid courses and if you can provide them with half knowledge free, that’s good for them. Purpose is to build a followers community and these are people who can do anything for you.

Create Tutorial with Process of installation

Create Tutorials and show users how to install a software, game or service. Its best as thousand of people with less knowledge are searching for solutions. Its not like everyone have good knowledge about computers, mobile etc. You can write tutorial about how to install WordPress.

Tutorial for Games or Software

Common problem with people is they are not able to understand everything quickly. Few people don’t know to play a game like Age of Empires 2. You can write awesome tutorial about how to play it with pictures and good tips which are already available on internet.

10- Social Media

Everyone who earn money online can get benefit from social media. Almost everyone is connected to different social media platforms. Millions of people follow others and stay in contact with each other all the time. Writers can also use social media to earn money by different ways. This method takes time and we consider it slow way in list of Best Freelance Jobs for Writers Online.

One Target – Get followers

Don’t consider social media is like other ways to earn money for writers. One best practise is to focus your writing on getting followers. Write only for free and look for what people need. Someone with good audience can achieve great targets which includes making money too.

Stay active in different communities

Use Facebook, Twitter and other social media to build a profile. Someone who is active and always ready to help others with writing skills. Join groups and write simple, short and great content for them free. People are always looking for someone like that and they will automatically start following.

Answer Questions

Many sites like Quora are great way of helping people. Be active on these sites and try to answer all of questions possible for you. People can start following you and soon you can build some kind of platform inside them like Space on Quora. Helping everyone by spending as much time possible is great benefit in near future.

Provide Traffic for Sites

Use of social media after staying active in different community is so easy. You can offer traffic for many sites using freelance platform or offer directly. Its really so simple to share a site link with good written summary on Facebook Page and send them awesome traffic.

Sell Products

Great way to sell products is social media. If a writer can use skills and build a awesome community, they can easily write good review by offering followers to buy them.

Bonus : Write a story for Games, Series or Movies

This is one way which can pay a writer lot of money. There are hundreds and thousands of games, series, movies are made until now. We suggest a writer to write good plot for movies, games or TV series. One hit plot which may become base of anything is enough for a writer to start awesome career.

Bonus : Write a Book

There are too many websites where writers can sell their books. We suggest writers to write stories or Novels and upload them on different sites. Some writers who are earning money are following great strategy by writing books in parts.

For a beginner, a writer must start with one volume of their long story as free. They can check how readers response to it and start selling next parts. Wattpad is one free way to start with millions of readers.


These are not all methods to earn money online for writers. Our list is limited to top 10 only because we try to choose best out of whole world knowledge. We suggest you to try these methods and we hope this article is most great for every writer who is not able to earn money.

Some writers are writing for fun but most of them are looking for a way to earn good money when doing their work. Our purpose is to help everyone and that’s why we explain all these possible ways with complete details for writers to get benefits from it.

This article Best Freelance Jobs for Writers Online is our 2nd special after Best Ideas to Make Money on YouTube which is popular already. We will keep writing more details ways of earning money if we get good support from reader by vising and sharing.

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