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Best Freelance Websites in 2020 is created to provide all freelancers who are looking for awesome work with most trusted sites list.

Table Of Content
1. How Freelance Websites are Working?
2. Who can earn Money from these sites?
3. Few Lists provided by Top Sites
4. Short Summary of Best Freelance Websites in 2020
5. Conclusion

How Freelance Websites are Working?

These websites are similar to large companies in real world with lot of workers. Its like a huge company who provide its workers more money with less work. Many people are earning too much daily compare to real life job. There are two sides of Freelancing system.

Thousands of people are available who provides different tasks to workers. These websites receive little commission from every task which is completed. If someone don’t know how to create a logo and what they will do? Most of these people visit freelance websites and ask for help in exchange for small amount of money.

Its large competition some time because too many people are waiting for jobs and some provide very cheap services. These sites are not just use for small tasks, sometime people get hired to work on a project for weeks or months. It takes time to make our spot but its worth it.

Getting a real job with good payment is no longer easy. People should focus on how to earn money online while doing real job. There is no guarantee in real job and we can get kicked any time because of any reason. Similar to job in real life, online job gives us experience with creating our profile.

What is Criteria to Choose or Ignore Freelance Website in our List?

We have chosen best list out of many sites available to provide freelance jobs. We ignore all those who are limited to only few topics. Some of sites are created for writers only and we cant add them here. A site which focus on many different topics and category is more better for both worker or hiring person.

Which Website to Choose for start up?

It depends on everyone skill and what they are capable to do online. That’s very important part to decide for everyone. There is no need to join every single site but we suggest you to chose with less competition. Some sites are focusing on less topics and that’s advantage for many people.

Who can earn Money from these sites?

Every one with skills can start earning money from these platforms. It all depend son people what they have learnt in their life such as some courses may help. Data entry, logo maker, blogging are very simple tasks and everyone can learn them easily. YouTube is best place to start with free learning process.

People with knowledge about coding or creativity can easily earn too much money. Finding a job is simple and all you need is to provide cheap services on start. Many people who are using these sites are earning more then they ever earn in their real life.

Few Lists provided by Top Sites

Finance Online is one of most perfect site proving good information covering different topics. They includes over 20 different freelance platforms with complete rating or details. ImTips is another place to find great information and they list added over 24 different platforms. Website Planet is not providing much information with details but their whole system is base on rating. You can find few to level freelance site with rating there.

Short Summary of Best Freelance Websites in 2020

  1. Fiverr
  2. Upwork
  3. People Per Hour
  4. Freelancer.com
  5. Guru
  6. Nexxt
  7. Task Rabbit
  8. Hireable
  9. Catalant
  10. Skyword

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1- Fiverr

One of best place to start your freelancing is Fiverr with already millions of people working or ordering. Its so easy to find work when you have too many people who are looking for experienced people. It should be 1st choice for everyone to start their career. Their are many tests which are part of this system to improve your skills.

Many people working here don’t have any good skills and they just learn random from anywhere. Its huge platform that everyone can find something for themselves. Many people are working on months long projects on this site and earning is easy for people. No limit of projects because people are looking for writers to bloggers, coding experts to everything they want.

2- Upwork

Second most popular and popular site to start freelancing is UpWork. Most of features are same but there is little less competition for everyone. Joining is not easy for everyone in this site. Communication feature is different and better then anyone when working as freelancer or employer. Easy for any employer to hire best people for job and best system make sure of by providing with top list.

Review on social media are positive for by those who already use this platform. Its free to use for everyone but few pro plans are available with many awesome features. Similar to Fiverr many big organization are using it to get their work done. Some users claim that Upwork was better in past but now they are changes because of many reasons.

3- People Per Hour

Another great network with may perfect features for everyone. Its a large market full of people which are professional in their work. It enables different business to easily find professional people for various tasks to complete. Most of people using this type of platforms because they give them good advantage compare to hiring someone in real life.

Joining is very hard because Team of this company wants to make sure that only expert can join who really know work. Its easy for everyone to put lot of expert info in their profile and claim they are best in world. Its not possible to do that type of scam here. Down payment is required to provide by business and that make sure that freelancer can get paid.

4- Freelancer.com

This platform is build to connect buyers and sellers in one place. People can only get successful if they provide good cheap services on this site. Their system is different and freelancer can bid on many available categories like writing, data entry etc. Live chat function is powerful and help everyone to update on projects on time. Employer can find freelancers for more then 60 various jobs.

This site is best for employers who can easily reach to profiles on many freelancers and select who ever attract them for their task. After that talking by using chat or direct message and arrange meetings. Posting a job is free but many plans are build to provide with too many new features.

5- Guru

Guru is most powerful popular freelancer site compare to many platforms. Over 3 millions people choose Guru for various purposes. Employer can find thousands of freelancer profile under each main category and choose them for different projects. One important feature s dashboard which is most perfect for freelancer to receive tasks, documents and chat with employer.

Payment system is automatic and best in interest of both employee or freelancer. Simple system is available to hold payment if both side are not agree on something. Those freelancer who are working from long time and doing perfect jobs are appreciated by site team.

6- Nexxt

This is completely different system which is not like other sites. Its different unique and better then any other site because there are hundreds of sites connected. Too many different jobs are available on each site for all type of people with any skills set. Its simple to just create a profile with complete details and many employers can easily find you. Freelancers can also search for available work with simple options available.

There are two different account options are available. You can only search jobs or apply online with free version. Paid version is more powerful because your profile can show up on top of search results. When ever a employer is looking to hire someone, they may see you on top as per your qualification related to that search. You can reach on top of thousands of freelancer and get guarantee work.

7- Task Rabbit

Unique platform which is not just about online freelancing but people can search others tasks also. Most use of it is about household items or small tasks to be done within one way and very quick. It can include delivery, installation, moving & packing, handyman and everything about household.

Users can choose any task with variety of thousands of common availability and describe complete details about time etc. Powerful system will start showing all freelancers available for same job. Users can talk them after review of their hourly rate etc. Its so simple to see all transection and everything in one dashboard.

8- Hireable

Completely free platform allow freelancers to search for projects free of cost and easily. Search engine is built in this site to find jobs. Just one single word can create and provide access to best results with awesome jobs. Creating a job alert is easy for everyone and they can receive notification upon new updates.

This is different place which is not all about freelancing but full time perfect jobs. They will show you results from everywhere and any company when matches your skills. Millions of short or long term jobs are available after you write name with city or country in search box.

9- Catalant

Another site which help professionals to find right projects for them by finding business who need them. There is nothing special about this system and it provides everything in different way which other top freelance websites already doing. One unique feature is intelligence system which can adopt changes as per requirements.

Its not easy to use this system normal like just create a profile and plan your strategy. This is not for everyone but experts with good talent and knowledge. They chose best freelancers and provide great services like true professional.

10- Skyword

Skyword provide solutions about content and focus on freelancer expert in video, photo and writing. Its best for media companies and many top level organization. Helping them by using freelancers knowledge and create original content. Its number 10 in our list because its not focusing on everything like other sites.

Those with awesome skills of writing, video creation or photographer should join this platform instead of others. Its not easy to get projects and earn a lot of money from this platform because it required high level knowledge about skills.


Its like wakeup call for everyone who is not focusing on internet. People are wasting hours on surfing useless things all the time. There is no one who teach their kids about how to earn money online? Education which can make everyone perfect in real life and also online is only way of success.

A employer who work on office for 12 hours a day may not be able to compete someone who work 4 hours on his laptop. Its not easy to reach that level because it required good effort. Try these sites to focus on earning money online if you are fail to earn money in real life.

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