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Best Ideas to Make Money on YouTube is created for those who want to earn money from YouTube and don’t know easy options available for that.

Table Of Content
1. Benefits of YouTube
2. Can We Really Earn Money From YouTube?
3. Few Lists by Famous Sites
4. Short Summary of Best Ideas to Make Money on YouTube
5. Conclusion

Benefits of YouTube

Most important part of our life is YouTube these days. Millions of people are using it to watch videos about everything in their life. Everyone is using it to update their latest products, news or anything. Millions of active users always looking to watch videos are searching all the time.

They can find latest news, information about everything, even learn about anything. YouTube is one of most powerful institute to learn anything as students. Videos are available about how to cook, tutorials and school lessons etc. There is no limit about what we can find on YouTube.

Creating pranks to make people happy is most common trend and people are too much searching for it. All movies, drama, games and everything about Entertainment is available on this platform. Only unique platforms which can make people happy so easily. We can easily create a brand and millions of people can follow us.

Can We Really Earn Money From YouTube?

Everyone who is looking for alternative way to Earn Money or want free easy way to make money online, think about this question. Yes, its true and thousands of people are making too much money on YouTube. Earning is not easy similar to real life business. One major difference between both is that we only invest time and little research on YouTube.

There are too many ways to earn money from YouTube. I create this article to help people and specially those who don’t have anything to invest. Social Media like Facebook or Reddit are too much important if we want to start YouTube Channel. It becomes very simple and easy if we can make thousands of friends on facebook and convince them to subscribe or view videos.

Success on YouTube is not so hard with time because if we create something which people are looking for? Keyword research is very important same like we need that to rank high in Google. One major difference is Brands on YouTube can beat keyword research. A channel with thousands of followers always received unlimited views on their videos and no need for them to waste time on researching anything.

Use Your Own Personality

People love to see someone who is talking in front of them instead of just listening to voice. They want to see and know more about who create this channel where they are getting best info all the time. Its important for you to talk directly to your fans because that’s most fans want it. We know some people only care about good info not who is providing them. But most of people really want to connect with video creators.

Stick To Topic

Please stick to topic if you really want your fans to listen to you. Too many people do one major mistake and that’s is they start with one topic and start talking about what videos they made for fans already. Some of them talk about future videos they will make. Who care about that?

Its ok to talk about them in the end or use captions or descriptions for that. Most successful people are those who focus on topic and provide what ever info they have about it. Almost most of people talk about subscribe my channel on start and what happen? I am skipping few minutes of videos already because i know what ever good info is can be find later in to video.

Few Lists by Famous Sites

Most of sites in Google only focus on YouTube channels ideas not writing about different ways to earn from it. Adam Enfroy is best site focusing on different methods. More then 10 different ways are available to earn money from YouTube by Life Hack. Blog Charge is another top site but they talk about over 50 ideas about making YouTube channels.

Short Summary of Best Ideas to Make Money on YouTube

  1. Top Lists
  2. Alternatives
  3. Promote Blogs
  4. Questions & Answers
  5. Short Reviews
  6. News Channels
  7. Games Play
  8. History Channel
  9. Sell Products
  10. Use Fans to Promote Anything

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1- Top Lists

One best topic and simple for everyone to create video is top lists. People are searching for best information and their main focus in top 10, top 5 etc. They can search for best top 10 strategy games instead of strategy games. Another example is searching for top 5 business ideas instead of business ideas. People focus on best information not random details about everything.

Unlimited Topic

We suggest you to create top lists about everything. Create a channel with topic of top lists or top 5 or top 10. This is number 1 topic for everyone to search these days. Its not important to focus only on one topic and create list about it. If you want to provide info about health, no need to create a channel about only top 5 health tips etc. Users must create a channel about top 5 or top 10 and make many play lists covering all topics.

Competition Level

Competition is very high when you build a channel on base of top lists. Try to provide most unique and best information ever. One best suggestion for you is to collect all information from different random posts and include in your post. If you cant create something new, collect better from everywhere and your channel will grow.

How to Start?

You should try to start by making a plan about what lists are easy for you to make? What is level of your knowledge or what is trending and where competition level is low. Many factors are involve in this matter and you should focus on all of them. Some of popular and most common topics are Games, Movies or Tv Series and Sports.

2- Alternatives

second most best choice for you to create a channel and earn money is Alternatives. People love Facebook but there are many restrictions or just they feel boring to use it all the time. What they can do now? Surely look for alternatives on Google or YouTube and anywhere possible. Its common way to earn money from YouTube if you provide alternatives for everything in our life.

Common Thinking

This is really simple for you to understand that people search for alternative for everything. From food items to health cures, from games to movies, from earn money to everything in world. A channel created to provide alternative can easily get successful and sharing on social media may give too many people chance to watch video. Its like no one is happy about everything they have in world.

Competition Level

Depends on which topic is chosen by you to create videos. By searching different combinations of “Alternative to/for (space)” you can find thousands of keywords. Just choose one with less results coming and then use different keyword research tools to find more details. Unlike top 10 you can find more better topics to write with low competition.

3- Promote Blogs

Blogger can use YouTube to find good visitors for their site. Its not easy method but most powerful simple way to use YouTube. Just write a perfect article and provide a short version of that article in form of video to YouTube Viewers. No need to write anything new but this method is only good for those who already running active blog.

What you can do is simple, ask your fans to visit our site for more information or best articles. Provide site link in description with few best articles name and links to visit. Add your blog title or links inside video. There is no need to stick to topic you make video on, you can add more favourite topics of blog in it.

Useless Efforts

People should ignore to waste their time on YouTube making crap videos and ask visitors to read details on their site. Videos to convince users must be useful so they know visiting this link can give me more best info about same topic. What some people do is just make a video with nothing in it like few lines of text and ask people to visit their site. Its easy to get benefits on both platforms. Receive visitors for Blog and also earn money from YouTube channel.

4- Questions & Answers

You may think how to earn money from YouTube on this topic? How to create a channel for Q & A when no one is asking us anything? Its not important for people to ask you anything because you can just create question yourself. Millions of people are searching for questions online about everything. A channel who provide answers is perfect way to get fans and become popular.

Offer them to ask Questions

Dont just create many questions and answer them only on your channel. One answer to a question can lead to another questions and it never stops. Giving them a chance to ask question about topic of channel is best way to get more attention. Someone who ask and get good answer can help you grow your channel by spreading words on their social or real life family or friends.

Focus on Topic

Its up to you to focus on topic or randomly answer to questions. Focusing on a topic is very important because you cant be perfect to answer everything in this world. If you decide to create a Q & A channel about health, don’t add questions about social media problems. You can learn from your own answers. Start channel about personal knowledge not just random topics. Something you know which can help people is important.

How to Start?

We suggest you to search on Quora which is best place for answering questions. You can find thousands of questions answers. All you have to do is search for topic of your channels and look for most viewed question. Don’t answer questions which no one is looking for anywhere. On quora some answers are visited thousands of time by people and those can become good fans of channel too.


Its less competition on YouTube about this way of earning money from it. Every one focus on information and mostly channels creators don’t care about what visitors comments on videos. A channels with awesome info in form of Q & A is great for everyone and allow fans to ask questions is best of it.

How to Answer Them?

Most of readers of this article may think that they need to be some kind of professor or full of knowledge to create a channel. All info is already there in form of articles or videos or pdf in google. It depends on your research for that question. If you create a question or someone ask a question, you can just research about it and collect all pieces together.

5- Short Reviews

Short Reviews is simple and free way to earn money from YouTube. There is no need to create any website for that or work hard on anything. you can create reviews about anything available. Most common topics can be mobile phones, movies or games, or you can choose any site.


thousands of people are already creating reviews and providing best information to everyone. People are too much searching about everything before they buy. Most focus on review is about purchasing items. Its not easy to reach on top and required good hard work and knowledge about something to review.

Great Idea for everyone

We suggest you to review websites for everyone. There is no need to buy a website or item to talk about if its good or not on channel. All you have to do is visit a site and try to find out if its fulfilling its purpose or not. Read reviews by other people and include in your information. Don’t try to say trash about anyone, just focusing on positive reviews.

6- News Channels

Who is not looking for news on internet. Most of people are already switched from TV Channels to Internet. Creating a news channel with latest information with your own views can reach on top. TV Channels already realize importance of social media and they are adding all of their content on YouTube.


Well, its very difficult to compete with original news channels who are already providing best information. People receive results from local news channel when they search for news on YouTube. Some people also create their channels with awesome information. Millions of people are searching of news and competition is too much high.

Collection of News

What we can suggest you is to create a channel where you collect news from all channels or sources. Why not build your own news channel? You need to stay active on all news papers, channels and this required lot of effort. You will get automatically awesome fans with time. Most people will visit on your link on social media if you promise to provide them with awesome latest updates. It depends on you how to present same news in your own way.

Unique way of Providing Information

News channels are providing news all the time and some programs who discuss about popular news. We suggest you to provide them with your own reviews about every news presented. A news about protest in any country looks very simple but people really want to know more details. Why not you explore on internet and provide people with what’s actual story?

7- Games Play

Gameplay is becoming popular with time on YouTube. Thousands of people play games on their Pc and make videos of each missions and upload on their channel. This is great way of helping people who always looking for info like that. You can choose awesome gaming topic and just play game on your while creating video.

Why people need these videos?

Too many people who want to play games are specially searching for new games are confused. For example, if i decide to play a game on my pc, how i am suppose to know its good and i am love it or not? I just open YouTube and check few videos of game play and it gives me idea about how this game looks like. Every title and description claim that this game is number one in world. Trust me, most games can disappoint you when you start playing them.

People who get stuck in a mission inside game may also look for a way out. I can easily watch YouTube video and find out easy way to complete a mission. If i don’t understand a mission because of some difficult instruction, i must need to watch it on YouTube. There are some other reasons people are looking for channels on YouTube with gameplay.

Sometime its really fun to watch other people playing games. Those who are weak to play games because of high level strategy can just watch and enjoy. Thousands of people love to watch game play videos and feel great. People with old pc who are unable to play latest high quality games, can also watch these videos and feel awesome.


Many games already upload too many videos about game play. But most of games are still not covered. Every one have their own way to play games and it also depends on talking when playing. We suggest everyone to try it. Just play a game by including voice chat and fans will love it. Share these videos with gaming groups on Facebook or Reddit.

8- History Channel

History is one of best topic to create a channel because it can’t change. Its not possible to change what ever info you provide on your channel in future. A popular channel on History topic can stay forever popular. Only required is good research and nothing more to build a brand.

Few ideas

Its simple question in every one mind, how we start? What are popular topics people are interested in? we suggest to write about history of different countries. People are surely show interest on history of their countries or other popular empires. You can also choose popular events which happened in past like some kind of disaster. Talk about famous characters like Rise & Fall of Hitler. There are too many topics which we can think of making awesome channel.


Many people already created few great channels in all languages providing good knowledge. But we believe its easy to make your place in history channels list. If you work hard, research better and plan everything perfectly, you can get too much fans.

9- Sell Products

This idea is mostly best for those who work on affiliate marketing websites. They can create videos for each product they sell and convince people to buy using video description or talking. What you can do? Its very simple way to sell products because too many people are already looking for product reviews or trying to find which one is better for them. Just create a video about new mobile phone and discuss everything from good to bad and offer people on some discount if they buy from you.

Again, everything from information to complete details is available on internet but sometime you need to buy product to provide more authentic review. You can also earn money from channel and sell products when creating awesome videos.


Too many people are already doing it on YouTube. Its not hard to beat them because everyone present their own way of creating videos. You should cover more products and create many videos to get more attention all the time. But selling a mobile phone after making a video is almost impossible on YouTube. This is really hard work and required great effort.

10- Use Fans to Promote Anything

This idea is number 10 in our list because we know its hard everyone to create a brand and sell their channels reputation. No matter what type of channel you are using, all depends on how many fans you have following you. First problem is to create a brand with thousands of followers and after that everything is so easy.

What You can promote?

It could be anything from websites to social media promotion. There is no need for you to wait for people to come to you with a proposal. Most of people don’t know how much its great benefit from using a YouTube channel. You can offer any new website owner to promote their site on your popular channel for less money. You can promote other YouTube channel or any social media profile.


These are best methods out of many more. Most of these are free with very less efforts to spent time only. No way to add many ideas about making money from YouTube in this list because we choose best out of Whole World Knowledge. Please share your experience with us in comments box. We are always looking for good suggestions to improve our site.

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