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Best Strategy Games Android provides top lists of strategy games available on Android like Realm Defence, Kingdom Rush and many more. All these games are tested by us to find which one is more better then thousands of games available.

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Introduction to Android Games
Strategy Games
Rating System for Best Strategy Games Android
Comparison of Lists to other sites
Short Lists of Best Strategy Games Android

Introduction to Android Games

Android games are most powerful way of entertainment these days for everyone. Millions of people are playing games and they prefer Android compare to other Mobile operating systems like Iphone, Blackberry and also Laptops.

Some games created are powerful and provides almost same experience like computers. Some games are very best because of their graphics and awesome features which are better then Laptops and all other operating systems.

There are thousands of different type of games and people love to play specially online Android games. There is one powerful playstore Application available in Android phone which can be used to access all games in one place. Creators are able to add new games and also updates anytime they want with new features.

Strategy Games

Its one of best and mos famous type in Android games. Millions of people are playing different type of strategy games in both online and offline mode these days. Real Time Strategy is one of best and most popular type in Strategy games from long time.

In this type of games, we have too focus on a lot of features because some games can be hard to understand. Some game are complicated and too many different options make them hard to learn. These games are very addictive because of their awesome features and techniques which are used in games.

Rating System for Best Strategy Games Android

Our way of selecting games for lists is very unique and no one can find anything similar anywhere. All strategy games on playstore are reviewed by us and top 10 selected are most popular and high rated by players. Nine games were chosen on basis of most downloads and positive rating. Clash of clan is different game and its chosen for too much downloads instead of rating.

Comparison of Lists to other sites

There are lot of websites available which are proving very awesome and perfect lists. We want you to compare our list with them and decide which one is better. One of them is Android Authority and we are not able to see any game which is rated by us is available on their site on same topic.

We are not sure how they are choosing top games but we suggest you try their games too. Android Central is another example which provide best list of top 10 strategy games for Android. Only one game from their list is similar to us. It proves how much our lists are unique on internet.

Short Lists of Best Strategy Games Android

  1. Lapse – A Forgotten Future
  2. Realm Defense – Heroes Legends TD
  3. Deep Town – Mining Factory
  4. Kingdom Rush Origin
  5. Narcos Cartel War
  6. Art of War 3
  7. Defense Zone 3 HD
  8. The Battle of Polytopia
  9. Clash of Clans
  10. Disney Heroes Battle Mode

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1- Lapse A Forgotten Future

Lapse is one of best game on Android Playstore with more ratings out of thousands. Players are gonna lead their countries to victory or defeat. They can decide fate of whole nation with swipe of their finger. Leading has never been easy and those who play this game are gonna enjoy real life ownership of whole nation.

Players must think hard for every decision because every decision can change entire game for benefits or lose of their nation. This game is consists of cards and its really hard to decide who is enemy or friend in game. This game is all about making choices and each choice can effect future of game.

A lot of languages are supported in this game and developer is requesting openly to players to help him translate this game to more languages. Its free game but players can buy few items which can help them when playing game. There are lot of endings in this game and players can end up anywhere after completion of game. This game was recently updated to play in Korean with help for some volunteers and its continues updating.

2- Realm Defence – Heroes Legends TD

Realm Defence is all about Town Defence where players have to to defend against powerful enemy.  There are some options too choose like heroes and defend tower against Goblin King who is going to attack and destroy tower. Players can collect gems, potions and more to defend against enemy with the help of different type of soldiers.

There are lot of varieties of power and abilities to play this 300 levels game. Heroes can also be recruited to defeat attackers and they can fight better then normal soldiers because of their power. Each type of soldiers have their own abilities similar to Heroes.

It was chosen as 2nd because of high ratings and over 5 millions of download in playstore. There is option to join tournaments and win prizes and reach to top level.  Its online game and free to play but i required internet connection. It can be considered as one of best tower defense game available for Android phones. Graphics are very awesome in this game and its gonna be great experience playing this game for tower defense lovers.

3- Deep Town – Mining Factory

Deep Town is sci-fi strategy game in which lot of different options are available to collect resources. Plant is very deep filled with metals, gems and too much more to gather. A high tech digging system which can drill through any rock using high tech systems such a robots, fire blasts and many others.

Make buildings, auto mine resources, smelt and craft items. There is option available to sell things for profits. Its all about exploring planet and digging it. Find caves and send explorer bots to see whats inside it. Uncover hidden story about past of planet where are we?

This game famous and totally free to play for everyone. It was chosen as 3rd in list because of high rating and famous on playstore with millions of downloads. Its addictive underground city mining game. Making factories and exploring planet is main goal to play in this game.

4- Kingdom Rush Origin

Kingdom Rush Origin is another tower defense game similar to previous games with a lot of new features. Editor choice and some other awards are given to this series and it shows quality of these games

. Its 3rd game in series and loved by millions of people but its not free version of game. Defend against attack of too many different types of enemies in Tower Defense.

There are lot of huge places to visit in game and exploring them is really fun. Lot of different type of armies are available which can be used to fight against attackers. There are 8 tower upgrades and 18 abilities to upgrade.

Heroes are also part of game with unique powers and players can get 70 achievements with 3 difficulty modes. Its easy to buy new items, weapons and more with gems earned throughout game.

Kingdom Rush is series of many games available on playstore and we have chosen one of their most active game for you. A lot of enemies are attacking with hordes of different types. This game is very addictive and a lot of people have purchased it to play. Kingdom Rush is best free game for every one to play.Those who cant play this game can try free version of it.

5- Narcos Cartel War

Original idea of this game is selected from a tv series with same name. Purpose of this game to destroy all of our enemies and become powerful among all of cartel clans. There is no way to achieve that goal without complete destruction of everyone else.

Collect resources and build defences against attacks and also send death squads to destroy enemies. it required to build a whole operation for earning money like plants, Labs and a lot more. Making friends with other leaders and destruction of enemies is another fun part of this game. Its about take down of drug lords who are ruling for long time.

Its perfect mafia game with complete system to enjoy world of gangs in real life experience. It looks like action type of game but its a perfect strategy game for fans. Money and power are two main targets in this game for all players. It also includes Multi Day Campaign.

6- Art of War 3

Art of war is one of best player vs player real time strategy game. Its all about building base, plan for battle techniques and defeat opponents. It required very good plan to defeat other humans because its not against AI but real life players.

Its similar to old classic PC RTS like Command and Conquer and defeat enemy in battlefield. Players can upgrade army units like Tanks, Navy, Air Force and more to get supremacy over other players.

Its near future game where only 2 global groups are available fighting to conquer whole world. Players can play as one side which is revolution and other side is global system already exist. Each side with totally different techniques, units and capabilities to win.

It required very good and constant internet connection. Players can report any errors or suggest anything to developers in play store application or direct email provided in description of app.

7- Defense Zone 3 HD

Defense Zone 3 is best high quality HD game and it includes a lot of best new units and buildings compare to previous versions. The main objective of this game is similar, entire armies of enemy rush to your defenses and try to destroy everything in their path to defeat you. In this 3rd of sequel enemies are more powerful with new weapons and lot more when they attacking. Turrets are very important in this game to defend against any attack.

Players can choose difficulty settings as per their level and experience in this game. There are 4 difficulty levels, 8 different type of turrets, 8 special abilities from sea to nuclear bomb, various missions and it supports 20 different languages. This game is selected as 7th in this list because its little bit lower then above games in rating. developers are no longer updating this game for fixing errors or adding new features.

8- The Battle of Polytopia – An Epic Civilization War

The battle of Polytopia is all about building a epic civilization and take it into battlefield. Players can choose any tribe and each begin with one different unlocked technology. Turn base game with each move lead to totally different ending. Games are not similar because every time players can experience new map and lot of changes. Its free to play offline with single player more but those who want to play online with other players must buy at least one tribe.

There are 2 modes to play like single player and multiplayer. Maximum turns are limited for each mission and players should reach to required score or destroy enemy within limits. In multiplayer mode, the goal of game is to reach a certain score 1st or conquer all enemies within that time before someone else do the same. Start this game with small clan and reach to huge level civilisation. Grow city population by farming, mining and more to get enough power to make armies which can be used to destroy enemies.

9- Clash of Clans

Clash of clans is one of best and most popular on Android in category of Strategy games. We have to build villages, train army and fight with other players online. Millions of people are playing this game and active internet connection is required to play this game. We can join other players, defend and attack other teams together. This game includes too many different options which is fun to play.

There are lot of different game features like different modes, levels, upgrades and more. There is very less size of game because everything is stored in online server and this game is very fast to run on Android mobiles. Its very fun game but its not easy to play and we need to learn how to build, upgrade and more. Same like other strategy game you should learn this game before real fun can started.

10- Disney Heroes Battle Mode

Lot of famous heroes from movies are part of this game to play for entertainment. Collect and battle with 25 Disney and Pixer heroes like Captain Jack Sparrow, Judy Hopps, Buzz Lightyear, Mike Wazoski and many more. Players can team up with others for missions and campaigns. Different options are available to upgrade heroes with new powers, abilities and much more.

Its free to play but it uses a virtual currency which can be earn during game play and it can be used to buy different abilities and more in game. There are also some advertising which can take players to other 3rd party sites. This is number 10 game in list which is downloaded over 10 millions times. New features are always added in this game and its most updated all the time.

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