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Best Turn Base Strategy Games for pc is a list of most famous and popular games which are played on base of turn between players one by one.

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1. Turn Base Strategy Games
2. Few Most Famous Series
3. Few Lists by Famous Sites
4. Short Summary of Best Turn Base Strategy Games for pc
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Turn Base Strategy Games

These games are mostly war games in which player attack on each other when their turn comes. These games are different from all other game like Real Time Strategy where both sides can attack same time. Most of board games are turn base because its not possible for both sides to take their turn together. One player can move all units on map, take them close to enemy or move away, also one chance to attack. Other player can only wait and see whats result coming after one player is done.

In most of war turn base game, players can use only units which are provided them on start. They receive unique missions to complete in number of given turns which are mostly capture enemy territory. In few advanced games, now its possible to create more units like army with time. Player can get high ranks and more points after destroying enemy units in war. Developers are making these games from long time and most of games ate still popular made in past.

Few Most Famous Series

Close Combat is one of best famous War game series with over 10+ games available. This series is about World War 2 where player takes control of group of soldiers and lead them in battle in turn base mode. Player can move all available units from tanks to soldiers from one location to other until all moves are finished. Weapons in these games are limited and players must careful using them. Few games are Modern Tactics, The Longest Day, Panthers in the Fog and A Bridge Too Far.

Heroes of Might and Magic is different style popular series of turn base games with over 10+ games. Many other games for series are created like Kings Bounty etc. Heroes are those characters who can move on maps, recruit armies, attack in combat and gather resources. These games are available to play in campaign mode and also online with other players too.

Most played games series and best in world is Civilization with complete structure to rule a nation. All games are focus on building empire in competition with two or many civilizations. It includes most powerful system from diplomacy to exploring and creating most strong nation. Each player and enemy start with very dark age with less resources. Game completely depends on player how they create everything from start to end. Small mistakes can ruin everything for a nation to become empire.

Few Lists by Famous Sites

Strategy Gamers provide best list of top 15 turn base strategy games. Their list is different from us and many games added by them are not similar to our list. Many awesome games are part of another list created by Tech12Century. Top website which provide good information to its user is CWHonors where they add games with best reviews.

Short Summary of Best Turn Base Strategy Games for pc

  1. Civilization 5 (2010)
  2. Age of Wonders 3 (2014)
  3. Close Combat – Gateway to Caen (2014)
  4. Panzer Corps 2 (2020)
  5. Heroes of Might and Magic 5 (2006)
  6. Xenonauts (2014)
  7. Darkest Dungeon (2016)
  8. Making History – The Calm and The Storm (2007)
  9. The Banner Saga 2 (2016)
  10. Battle for Wesnoth (2003)

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1- Civilization 5 (2010)

Civilization 5 is different from previous games in series and they includes new powerful engine. Victory conditions are different for each missions and player must achieve them by working on different aspects of game. Many new characters and computer controlled states are available for trade with player. Two new expansion packs are available to play for this game. Each of them representing totally different features and system.

In some missions player should defend its state against attacks for a certain number of turns. Its possible a nation with most resources and strong economy win after fixed time. AI system is strong and total of 4 different parts make this game more realistic. Players can feel they are playing with strong human which is awesome compare to many games. Many new civilizations are available to download and play.

2- Age of Wonders 3 (2014)

Perfect Turn Base game which was created 9 years after 1st 3 games in series. This game is about fantasy fictional where player take control of a leader and explore world. Player must interact with other kingdoms and races with time by using diplomacy with different tactics. Expanding own empire and defending it against many enemies is not easy in age of wonders 3. Whole system of gameplay and everything inside is completely changed after creation of this version in long time.

Total of 6 races are available to choose and each one them is completely different from others. Cities are very important in this game because all resources, army, money is all coming from them. Similar to other games, too many abandoned cities are available on map which can be use for advantage of player. Combat system is awesome where both can can choose fix number of units to attack other enemy. They fight in turn base until one side is too much weak or completely finished.

3- Close Combat – Gateway to Caen (2014)

In Gateway to Caen, players can choose to play as tactical or strategic level. Simple fight in war as commander of soldiers or become General to make plan and command whole plan. War in close combat leading all type of units from tanks to plane and individual soldiers to whole platoon. As a British army player, its your responsibility to move forward and attack enemy to capture many important locations.

Germans are on defending side where they will get support from powerful units like tanks, artillery etc. Its possible to play same as it was happened in real way when both British and Germans were at war. With the help of allied support, it was easy to advanced for British army but Germans easily recovered. Advancing in battlefield become more costly for allied. Another option is available to play as German in game and change the course of history.

4- Panzer Corps 2 (2020)

Corps 2 is best advanced version of previous game in series with too many updates. Very deep turn base game which is about player choices not how much fast they can click like RTS. Whole victory or defeat depend on choices made by both side. Enemy is also powerful and there is no need to under estimate them. Each turn provides users choice to make decision with strategy and planning to win.

User can choose to play as any European nation in World War 2 and play important role in their victory. Total of 60 missions are added in very awesome campaign with few other maps too. Some maps are available to play online because they are designed for multiplayer fun. Easy to create scenario generator is available for everyone to make maps of their choices and play. No more fun then playing against powerful AI with our friends and complete various tasks.

5- Heroes of Might and Magic 5 (2006)

Heroes of Might and Magic 5 is 5th Best Turn Base Strategy Games for pc in our list. A turn base game where you can build or destroy cities, train new soldiers or crush enemy armies, explore new lands or ruins them with ultimate power. Campaign in this game covers 6 different factions. Its choice of player how they want to play from basic to high level. Each level gives unique abilities to players.

Each faction is different from other like Heaven where only humans live and rule. Two new expansions are available which cover all mistakes or bugs in original games. Many new features like map generator is added for more fun. Game was sold thousands of time and it was considered as success of its time. Players can choose to play any faction they want for different experience.

6- Xenonauts (2014)

Xenonauts is single player turn base game which is about alien attack on earth where multi national organization is defending. Xenonauts 2 is considered as most advanced and totally different timeline with new story and updated graphics. Player must defend against attack by using small army units and fight against aliens. This game looks old but there is too much entertainment playing it.

History of this organization is secret for almost everyone. What people know is that they were able to shoot down one UFO involve in early attack. This provides great advantage to this dangerous organization and world powers are forced to provide funds. They support them in anyway to fight against these alien attacks to save earth.

7- Darkest Dungeon (2016)

Player manage a lot of heroes to explore dark secret place under a mansion. Heroes received more power and increase in their abilities after exploring with more combat. Game received many positive reviews and announced for many awards. developers announced to make another game in series after sometimes. Player own a state and find out about another path to dark dimensions where lot of bad monsters can come to human world.

As owner of property its responsibility of hero to hire different adventurers to fight against these dangerous evil. Party of heroes is able to defeat great monsters and evil but they realize that its just beginning. Some of downloadable content is available for everyone to play in new locations with great new type of monsters.

8- Making History – The Calm and The Storm (2007)

Making History is World War 2 with grand strategy similar to some board games like Risk or Axis & Allies. It includes features like economic, resources, diplomatic and more. Player can choose any nation on start and all about world war 2 years. Easy to create more scenario with map creator as per player requirements. This game become most powerful educational tool in over 150 schools.

Multiplayer support is available for 8 players online. Online game is also turn base where player can finish their turn and wait for others to finish theirs. Read more great info with full details here on Wikipedia.

9- The Banner Saga 2 (2016)

Award winning turn base role play strategy game where every choice matters. This is 2nd game in series with many updates and complete new system. Players must complete 1st game and they can import all data from The Banner Saga 1. Transfer includes items, levels, choices etc. Many objectives are available to complete in this game. Storyline is perfect and really fun through out whole game.

Complete new system is built for heroes with level depends on 5 different attributes. New races and monsters are added with better quality graphics. World is full of chaos and everyone is fighting with each other. Every clan wants to control large part of surroundings. Combat system is also updated with many perfect changes.

10- Battle for Wesnoth (2003)

Famous turn base fantasy game where player attempt to build a powerful empire by controlling villages and destroying enemies. Strategy is important on these maps and player should use powerful units with perfect location to attack. More villages means more gold and that’s why main focus on game to take control more areas for each player.

Every unit get own unique characteristics and its strength depends on place of standing. Many different types of attacks are available to use by different units. This battle takes place in a world full of not just humans but many other different type of species like orcs, trolls etc.


Most of players love to play games where they can work same time to build and attack like Real Time Strategy. Its fun to play large games like that for pc. Turn Base games are different in many ways from live action. One player must wait for other play to use all moves before they can use theirs. It gives everyone chance to think about what they are planning to do next. In RTS there is no chance for anyone and those who act fast with planning can win easily.

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