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Blogging Tutorial – Answers to Important Questions provide detailed answers to common questions that everyone wants to know. Blogging is not an easy way to earn money, it can become a full-time source of income for most people. We choose 10 questions and decide to answer them properly to help new bloggers.

Table of Content
1. Short Introduction to Blogging
2. Can we really earn from blogging? How much to invest & Benefits?
3. What are the important steps to take before start Blogging?
4. How to find a perfect free theme? Which are the top best free themes for beginners?
5. Can we work on “Low Competition High Search Volume” keywords provided by YouTube Channels?
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6. How to choose the best title? What are The best methods to choose title, domain & Description?
7. Which platform is perfect? WordPress or Blogger
8. What is the role of Keyword Research for every Post on Your site?
9. What are the best methods to get free traffic for a new website?
10. What is the best strategy to get the full benefits of Facebook?
11. What is the Importance of High CPC keywords?
12. Conclusion

Short Introduction to Blogging

Blogging is a very important and popular way to earn money online these days. It’s a process where you create good quality content on your site, get approval from ads companies like Adsense. Earning depends on how much organic, Referrals or social traffic is coming on your site. Hundreds of people are earning thousands of dollars per month from it. Most people always fail to earn money from blogging because of many reasons.

Blogging is not easy to learn or earn from it. Some people begin their website without completely learning and fail in just a few weeks. Our Tutorial is all about complete training of blogging from start to end. It includes all information that you need to know to become a successful blogger.

Importance of Questions To be Answered

There are some important questions which we should answer before starting the complete tutorial. Everyone can ask questions under this post and also on social media networks.

1- Can we really earn from blogging? How much to invest & Benefits?

Answer to this question depends on

Your knowledge about blogging. The time which you can spend per day. Can you invest a small amount of money?

Earning money from blogging is reality. It can become a full-time income source for most bloggers. If you are not sure about your skills, the best way to start it part-time while continue your job. Investment is very small and we suggest every new blogger to avoid wasting money by purchasing things that are available free.

Don’t buy the theme at the start of your site. Never buy Hosting unlimited package because the basic package is enough for you at cheap rates on startup. Never begin your site without complete keyword research which means you must find at least 25 “High search Volume Low Competition Keywords” before start posting.

The main investment in blogging is your time only. How much time you can spend every day & how you spend it really matters. The First 2 months are very important if you are planning to get successful results for a long time. You can reduce time on blogging in the upcoming months but we suggest you give full time like at least 6-10 hours per day. We know it’s not possible for most people but hard work on 1st 2 months is really important for your blog.

Earning depends on how you choose keywords. For example, you can work on keywords from India or Pakistan where CPC is very low. Another option is to work on High CPC keywords from the USA, Canada, Uk, or others. Remember, Google really want organic traffic on your blog. They can BAN your Adsense account if unable to find any organic traffic & thousands of social.

Again, investment is very low and Earning is very high. You can makeover 1000 $ per month easily. Learning to blog is not hard and you can find hundreds of videos on YouTube which teach blogging. We suggest you begin your journey by watching those videos for the basic ideas.

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2- What are the important steps to take before start Blogging?

One of the most important steps is KEYWORD RESEARCH. If you start your site without good keyword research, it means you are wasting your time. You can write really high-quality content on site but if people are not searching for it, your content is useless. Never begin writing posts on your site until you have good keywords which can make your site rank high within a month.

Your site’s main topic is very important. You can choose a unique name that no one ever used before. But you can also choose a keyword which is very popular which means your home page can receive thousands of traffic. This is your personal choice because you can easily find your site with a unique title but no traffic. The home page can receive thousands of traffic but it’s not easy to find on google.

Start building social media sometime before you start your site. For example, if your site is Health-related, you should start adding people on Facebook who are active in health groups. If you can add over 3000 to 4500 people on Facebook who are interested in health-related posts, this is all free huge traffic for your site in the near future. Some other popular networks are Instagram, Pinterest & VK with millions of active users.

Find a perfect theme for your site which can fulfill all your requirements. Remember, changing the theme every day is very bad for your site. It’s not like you find a better theme and change it or someone suggests you another theme & you change again. It’s very important to a theme at the start of your site and never change it.

3- How to find a perfect free theme? Which are the top best free themes for beginners?

There are thousands of themes available in the WordPress theme store for free. But you can also find a huge collection of themes on different sites. You can easily find a perfect free theme using these methods below.

Use the official WordPress Store. Click on any theme from the store & visit the official site of that theme creator to find a more amazing theme by them. Search google where you will see too many posts created by different sites. Just Free Theme is another site like WordPress store with a huge collection of cool themes. Always ask for suggestions to other bloggers about which theme they are using and overall progress.

Some of the popular themes which are fast, high quality are mentioned below. These themes are already tested by us working fine.

THEME BEEZ is a popular site providing amazing themes for free & premium which you can download from their site. Other themes that are available in the WordPress Store are Iconic One, Poster, Bunny Press, and Newspaper lite.

4- Can we work on the “Low Competition High Search Volume” keywords provided by YouTube Channels?

There are some channels opened on YouTube where some people are providing keywords to users. We already check most videos of these channels and unable to find any benefits. It’s like YouTubers just buy Ahref tool and start making people fool. To find these stupid people, you can just type “Low Competition High Search Volume” in the search bar on YouTube.

Those new bloggers who don’t know anything about Keyword Research or unable to buy Ahref are following these channels. Please don’t waste your time making posts on keywords given by these people. For example, you can watch this video where someone is telling about low competition keywords in a stupid way.

Very high authority sites are ranking on top and as per video you can just make few backlinks & reach to the top. You should work on only those keywords where at least 2,3 sites which are ranked are less, equal, or little high authority compare to you.

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5- How to choose the best title? What are the best methods to choose title, domain & Description?

Choosing the main topic of your site is very important and there are a few suggestions which can help you a lot.

Choose a unique name like “AMIR TECH”. There are some benefits & disadvantages if you choose something unique. Your site is easy to find in Google anytime. If you get huge followers, they can just type your name & find you. But you can’t get any organic traffic from Google other than followers.

You can choose any good keyword with good search traffic and less competition. It means your home page can also rank for a keyword & provide huge traffic for your site. But if your site gets popular, your fans can’t find it easily. You need to tell them to search for keywords & select your site. A unique name can provide you with unlimited traffic for free and all your follower’s cab finds your site by just typing in search results.

You may notice that if your search for a keyword, 1 or 2 sites are ranked high in results with very low authority. But sites with high authority like 90+ are ranked below to that site. For example, if you search for a keyword like “Best Pc Games” you may see one site with domain “bestpcgames.com” is ranked number 1 compare to all other sites with the authority of only 15 possibly.

Google is a machine and thinks that this site is using a particular keyword in domain, description & title, which means more relevant to the search term. You can find keywords with huge search volume & low competition & make your URL, title & description based on it. Google can easily rank you on top & if CPC is high, you can easily thousands of dollars so fast.

Use of main site keyword in Title, Domain & Description is very important. You can read above about possible methods to find the best niche for your site. Always choose what you think is best for your site.

Tip: Its best for you if your site is multi-niche. You can write on different topics like games, lifestyle, blogging, and more. It provides a lot of opportunities for you to write on any best keyword you find. If you work on tech only and unable to find good keywords with “High search volume & Low competition”, what you are gonna do? An open blog allows you to write on any best keyword you find and get huge traffic from search engines.

6- Which platform is perfect? WordPress or Blogger

WordPress is always best if you are serious about earning money. There are some reasons which are very important for everyone to read before the beginning of their blogging.

WordPress is not free but Blogger provides complete platforms for new bloggers to work free. You need to buy hosting and domain to work on WordPress but everything is free on Blogspot. I guess this is the only advantage of Blogger which we can think about. Another benefit is bloggers become search engines of illegal items.

Everyone knows if they want anything I illegal like games, they must add “Blogspot” with their search term in google. Its only reason why they receive a lot of traffic. If you are planning to add some content like that, a blogger is the best choice for you.

But there are too many advantages of WordPress over blogger which you must know in detail. We suggest everyone choose WordPress instead of wasting time on blogger. But if you know nothing about SEO or blogging, Blogger is the best choice for you.

IF you search for any keywords in google, you may find that 99.99% of results which are showing on top 10 are not bloggers. In fact, Google is only showing Blogspot posts when they get nothing to show on the top 10. This is a huge disadvantage of bloggers in search results. You can check this with millions of results in search engines. Again, the blogger is only coming top 10 because of illegal content search results like download games, etc.

WordPress Plugins are the best way to help bloggers. For example, Yoast SEO plugin is like a teacher standing on your head telling you to write good SEO post. Many other plugins are available providing amazing results for the site. Blogger is different and they use different widgets that are nowhere near to plugins.

Getting approval from Adsense is easy in WordPress to compare to bloggers. Most of the sites using WordPress get fast approval on good quality content. But they can reject or delay approval on blogger using the same level content. But Blogger is owned by Google, they surely give approval to the blogpost.

7- What is the role of Keyword Research for every Post on Your site?

The most important part of every post on a blog is keyword research. You can say 60% of the time you should spend finding a good keyword with “High Search Volume, Good CPC & Low Competition”. If you are successful getting any keyword like that, you can say your 60% work is done. Without good keyword research, your post is useless and no one cares how much good content is written on it.

High-quality content is always best for any site. If you write long posts like 4000 words, your one post can easily rank for over 50-100 keywords which means too much traffic. But if your keyword research is complete, you just need to write better content compare to the competition in the top 10 results.

If all posts written on top 10 are only 800 words long or less, there is no need to waste your time writing over 5000 words article. But you should write over 1500 words to make sure you can compete with them easily.

8- What are the best methods to get free traffic for a new website?

There are a few methods which you can follow to get traffic on your site. But remember, if you are not getting good search traffic from google & huge traffic from social media, they can BAN your AdSense account. Focus on keyword research to receive good organic traffic. They don’t care about any original traffic on your site if you are receiving good traffic from search engines.

Quora is the best place to answer questions and thousands of questions related to different topics are already asked. You can find all questions related to post and answer them properly. They don’t care if you leave any link in answer, but you must answer properly. Spam is not allowed, 1st answer properly, and after that leave your link naturally like its necessary.

Instagram is best for getting huge traffic for free. You need to build good followers first. You can upload different images related to site niche & with the use of good hashtags, you will get good followers. YouTube is another source where you can upload your videos and receive good traffic. But remember YouTube is a huge site and you need good keyword research too.

Pinterest is another search engine where millions of active users are available. You also need little keyword research to get followers. But it’s the best to place to build your brand on it. Just upload thousands of awesome images on different topics and link them back to your site. You must follow other people on a slow rate per day.

Guest posting is always important for every site to receive huge traffic. Buzzfeed is a very active site where you can find too much activity. If you write good quality posts there and links to your site naturally, too many people will visit your site. Medium, bored Pands & many other sites allow guest posting on their site for free. These are open platforms but writing a guest post on amazing sites with huge traffic is really hard.

Forums are always important and you can easily find hundreds of active forums with thousands of people active every day. Find any top 5 forums related to your niche, stay active, write posts & add your site link on profile and signature. You can also leave your link under posts but don’t spam, you must learn to add links naturally in posts on forums.

Reddit is another place where thousands of people are active in every subreddit. It can become a huge source of traffic for your site. The best way is to create an awesome YouTube video and share it there. If it gets viral, you will receive unlimited traffic. Don’t forget to add your links in the video, description, or any way possible.

9- What is the best strategy to get the full benefits of Facebook?

Facebook is a huge place with millions of active users per day. It can become the best source of traffic for your site. There are a few suggestions for you to follow for getting full benefits from it.

Add friends from groups related to your niche. You must choose only those people who are participating there like comments or likes etc. If you can add over 4500 people who are interested in your niche, just make a page or group and share some good info with your site link and invite them.

Find some very active groups and participate, try to be an admin there, or become the most active member. You can request to share your link to admins or share it yourself under some posts in comments. One viral post can become a huge source of traffic for your site.

Write posts on other people’s timeline especially if you see someone is too much activity in groups related to your niche. Their thousands of friends can visit your site if you write a good title, description & include awesome images.

Request popular pages to share your post. They can ask you for money but mostly they will care about good content. IF your post is awesome, they can share your link with their followers for free. If one of them accepts your offer out of 100, that’s what can give you huge traffic for free in just a day or week.

Always focus on good keyword research because traffic from social media is temporary. If you stop working, no one cares about it. Thousands of new posts are coming every day. Traffic from search engines is the only source that is forever. You can receive organic visitors for months or years if you ranked high one time in the top 5 or 10.

10- What is the Importance of High CPC keywords?

High CPC keywords are very important for your site. It means if users visit your site using a keyword with high CPC and read your post focused on those keywords, you earn more. Adsense can pay you better for that type of keywords instead of 0 CPC. Read some popular article on Cost per Click below.

Word Stream is a popular site and you can read their article which explains CPC in complete details here. WebFx is another site where this term is explained with more details.

At the start of your blog, don’t care about CPC. You should focus on getting rank in google on any keyword & just start receiving traffic. But you must start writing posts on good CPC 2nd month when your site is recognized by google. It’s really hard to find this type of keywords. If you make your site on 1 High CPC Keyword with huge traffic, you can earn a lot of money in a short time.

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This article is just the beginning of our complete Tutorial and the upcoming post is about Answering most questions. There are many bloggers who are working on their sites and unable to get any results from Google. Many bloggers are thinking about creating their own site but confused about everything. We hope these answers to common questions may help them.

We tried to explain every question with details but if you are unable to understand, just write in comments. You will find us better then most other people, all questions must be answered by us as soon as possible. The best way to get a fast answer is post those questions under ASK BLOGGING QUESTIONS.

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