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Free Android Weather Apps in 2020 is list of most popular and high rated free applications about latest weather updates in Playstore.

Table of Content
1. Popularity of Weather Apps
2. Some important benefits
3. Top lists by Famous Sites
4. Short Summary of Free Android Weather Apps in 2020
5. Conclusion
Free Android Weather Apps in 2020

Popularity of Weather Apps

To know about weather is very important for many people because they may have some plans who can effects by it. Android apps about weathers are very important and millions of people are using them to know what is situation in any area or their own. No one want to face bad situation in case of upcoming weather effects when they travel.

Mobile phones are very common and these apps provides very fast results and its not like everyone want to use browsers. It can take time to search for results in any browsers but these apps can show you results which you already set. Many apps are created for this purpose and that shows everyone know about popularity of weather applications.

Some important benefits

You can set any location to show you instant results on time. It means you can any one impress anyone by telling them whats gonna happen in their area before they will even know. All results are easy to see on your mobile home screen without any time to waste for browsing random sites.

Another good advantage is notifications which you can receive when you are using mobile, or its in your pocket or anywhere. Any change in weather or alert for something bad like storm is important for you to know on time. We have to visit browsers to find something but these apps are proving urgent notification for you.

Top lists by Famous Sites

Few lists are created by top sites to provide best info about weather apps. The Droid Guy is site where you can find 7 best apps with complete details. TomsGuide is awesome very popular site which provide list of paid and free apps details. No one can provide better info about Android other then Android Authority which is built for only mobile phones.

Short Summary of Free Android Weather Apps in 2020

  1. The Weather Channel
  2. AccuWeather
  3. Weather Forecast by Smart Pro
  4. MacroPinch Weather
  5. Yahoo Weather
  6. Live Weather
  7. Weather by WeatherBug
  8. Quark Weather
  9. Windy.com
  10. Amber Weather

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1- The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel is most popular app with awesome features which you can never find in any other app. They have features like live radar and rain tracker where users can feel like real whats happening outside. Smart videos provide details about any upcoming storm with some details.

All type of information is provided for you in any seasons with details and you can easily plan anything. They send alerts on time in case there is chance of any storm or very bad weather situation, so you can prepare for it. There are many new features in their premium version compare to normal free version.

Download The Weather Channel

2- AccuWeather

This app is downloaded over 50 millions time and their results of weathers are very accurate. You can also see results from last year and many days in future to plan for anything. Some of their features are common to other apps like fast alert and easy customization.

Today weather is provided in very details which can you can see by hour or day. AccuWeather is available in many different countries and best advantage is they show accurate results as per that country. This app is completely free with all its awesome features for everyone.

Download AccuWeather

3- Weather Forecast by Smart Pro

Rating for this application is very high and its 4.7 in playstore. You can see all kind of results on one page after selecting any country of world. This app auto detect your location to provide you with latest updates and accurate results.

Weather Forecast is like live news channel to focus on weather situation everywhere. They show some ads in their app but everything is free for users without any money to pay for great info.

Download Weather Forecast by Smart Pro

4- MacroPinch Weather

Most simple and accurate app for weather which provide same top results in unique way. Climate state is very awesome and animated like you really experience it. Their live updates are using very small data that you can receive them with out losing much of data.

They allow support for lock screen in latest android devices. Easy options available to switch between different type of temperatures for your use. You can also suggest them to add new features because they are looking to provide with best results all the time.

Download MacroPinch Weather

5- Yahoo Weather

Every one know about Yahoo and this is official app from famous company. Its very beautiful app created with complete details and high quality graphics. You can add 20 different locations after clicking on tab button.

Easy way to move between location by just swiping which is best for good user experience. All type of different options are available to customize how you want to use this application. Over 10 millions time its downloaded by user and rating is very high compare to most of apps.

Download Yahoo Weather

6- Weather Live

Many different type of maps are created like weather map is best to show about rain in all different areas. Everything is awesome build in high quality animation with graphics. Two different modes are available like details and compact view which you can easily switch.

Best widget allow users to see everything on their screen without opening application. You can subscribe to premium version where lot of many great options are available to explore. Free trial is also provided which you can cancel anytime if you don’t want to purchase after using it.

Download Weather Live

7- Weather by WeatherBug

WeatherBug created this award winning app which become very popular in whole world. It provides fastest weather alerts, in real weather conditions, hourly and next 10 days forecast for free. More then 20 different type of weather maps are available to find as per user requirements.

Large weather network is available from all over the world to report accurate results. Weather details for over 2.6 millions location is available worldwide. This is one of best complete app which gives you everything you need to know.

Download Weather by WeatherBug

8- Weather by Quark

Weather app built by Quark is mostly providing results like other apps and providing same services but this app is simple compare to most of them. Thousands of location worldwide are included in this app and users can easily find weather condition about anywhere they may travel.

Whole day full details from sunrise to sunset are part of this app. Hourly weather is real time accurate and they update it if suddenly any change happen in weather conditions. This app is number 8 in our list because their features are not much great compare to many apps who provide more.

Download Weather by Quark

9- Windy.com

Windy is most high rated and popular app created by windy.com and this app is used by high level people because its considered most accurate. All type of people from local to Gov are using it for many different purposes. Over 40 different type of maps are available which is better then almost all other apps.

They includes many languages from all over the world. Its all up to users to decide how they want to use this app and all customization options with details are available for them.

Download Windy.com

10- Amber Weather

Amber weather is also like personal weather station which you can customize and build as per your requirements. More then 90 widgets for home screen are available which you can use as per your requirements. Very beautiful app with great features provided for its users.

Rating is 4.4 by thousands of users for this app in Playstore. Over 10 millions times it was downloaded and its real time popular app for everyone to try.

Download Amber Weather


You can find many apps in Playstore but you should try these application first provided by us. All apps in list are very popular by most download and also very high rating by thousands of users. One app which is 1st in list in downloaded over 100 millions time which show how much accurate result they provide that people love it compare to all other apps.

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