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Free Domain Authority Checkers for sites is list of top sites who provide full or limited services to check authority of any domain.

Table of Content
1. What is Domain Authority?
2. Difference between free & paid services
3. Top Lists by famous sites
4. Short Summary of Free Domain Authority Checkers for sites
5. Conclusion

What is Domain Authority?

This is very common question in mind of everyone who is involve in Blogging business. Everyone is worry about their domain Authority from the beginning of their new site. DA is measurement of a site how much its strong and popular in search engines. Domain Authority Checkers are used to find strength of a website.

Higher domain authority sites can easily defeat their opponents in ranking to get more traffic. Visitors always love to visit a site with more powerful authority and available in 1st page of their search results. Google can only present best results on 1st page and higher DA is one of top ranking factor.

Difference between free & paid services

All type of tools are available to check domain authority. Free tools can only provide with little information and that’s about domain or page authority. Those people who want to just check their domain authority, there is no need to buy any tool to do that.

Free tools provide enough information to help. Paid tools are perfect with providing more details like why domain authority is less or high? They includes different results like all back links, complete overview of how to improve DA or all mistakes why its low?

We suggest everyone to try paid tools if possible to defeat our competition in Google. Most of high ranked sites are using paid tools and lot of research.

Top Lists by famous sites

Its not easy to find good websites providing top lists about best free or paid tools. Blogging Cage is site provide top 10 list to check domain authority with full details. Earning Guys is another site provide full details article with list to find DA easily. Some other sites are BlogWithVK, MyVu and Solvid.

Short Summary of Free Domain Authority Checkers for sites

  1. Website SEO Checker
  2. Check Page Rank
  3. Ahrefs
  4. Semscoop
  5. Small SEO Tools
  6. Search Engine Reports
  7. Click Minded
  8. The Hoth
  9. Duplichecker
  10. Pre Post SEO

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1- Website SEO Checker

This site is one of top free site which provide awesome information about Domain Authority with some other details. Many other tools like Ahref are not providing this much detailed in free version. We consider it best and this tool is connected to MOz.

This site is not limited to only this free tool but many other important information like back link checker are also available. We are not able to find other awesome tool providing many info free like domain age, alexa rank, spam score and many details.

Visit Website SEO Checker

2- Check Page Rank

On of best site to provide great information about different ranking factors. Its not just about domain authority but many other information like back links, Global rank, alexa rank is also available for free. Its very simple way to work with out requirements of any verification process.

Visit Check Page Rank

3- Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of most selling top tool in the world for seo and ranking sites high in Google. They are proving best services compare to almost everyone else. Most of their services are premium but they provide little access to some of their tools. They provide domain authority details free with back links details too.

Visit Ahrefs

4- Semscoop

Another premium tool who provide awesome information for free. You have to sign up after few time checking details of sites. But you can still get some info free which is more then enough compare to many sites who are not proving it. Its not all about domain authority but they provide more information about keywords too.

Visit Semscoop

5- Small SEO Tools

Very quick and awesome tool to provide domain authority info very fast without any verification or ask to make accounts. They also provide short details about back links too. Moz Rank is extra information provided.

Visit Small SEO Tools

6- Search Engine Reports

Search Engine Reports is most awesome site which provide good knowledge free without asking anything. They cant provide details like a premium tools but enough compare to many free sites. This site is full of free tools and you can visit others part of site to get more benefits.

Visit Search Engine Reports

7- Click Minded

One click simple tool to find out Domain or Page authority. It takes only 1 or less second to show results on this site. They are not providing another details but their whole site is about ranking in Google. We suggest you to explore this site for better SEO and use this tool to find quick data about domain authority.

Visit Click Minded

8- The Hoth

The Hoth is one of best site with many free tools like SEO audit , keyword research and many more. This tool is not much effective compare to many other sites. All information provided is same and they ask to sign up with email and takes time to load on start.

Visit The Hoth

9- Duplichecker

All tools on this site are simple and their domain authority provider is about simple results. This site is full of too many tools and its not limited to SEO but it is used for too many different types. Visit to use these special tools here.

Visit Duplichecker

10- Pre Post SEO

Simple tool to provide domain authority score with spam score details. Its one of best site who offer to sell guest post on site with good authority. This site is most focused on word counter or plagiarism checker etc.

Visit Pre Post SEO

MOZ Google Chrome Extention

MOZ provides one of world best extension to check domain authority, page authority with spam score. We suggest to install this awesome extension because when ever you search in google or visit any site, it will automatically show results. It will take only time what is required to load a site.


Its hard to rank in google by using free tools. Top sites already buy paid tools and take full advantage of them. Its not a big problem to use free tools if you are just started blogging and nothing to invest. Those who can buy, must ignore free ways.

Some of these tools are awesome who provide good information with some details but mostly its about domain authority only. There are separate tools for doing many tasks like back link checker etc.

Please share Free Domain Authority Checkers for sites with your friends & Family.

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