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Image Submission Sites – All 25 sites in this list are working perfectly, high ranking & easy for creating backlinks or traffic. All sites are instant approval, fast index in search engine, simple process to add pictures with backlinks to your site and some sites can become a good source of visitors to new sites.

What are Image Submission Sites?

Image Submission Sites are a very important part of the SEO off-page technique. These are like normal images upload or share sites that everyone is using for different purposes. Blogger can upload their post pictures, include a link back to their site, and get free backlinks or traffic.

Some sites are special and they don’t allow everyone to upload random pictures. You have to create pictures as per their site rules, after that you can give a link for your own benefits. Many sites are simple where you can just upload and get backlinks or traffic, their rules are simple.

Free Image Submission Sites List for Traffic

Few sites are very popular and millions of active users are available to look for their favorite pictures or upload their own. When you upload some pictures of value, thousands of those people will visit your site. Many ways to get traffic like include site link on your profile, give the link of your site in picture description, or comment on other pictures with your link.

One best way to increase your traffic is stay active, leave comments on other user’s profiles, keep adding good pictures and use hashtags that are popular on these sites. Pinterest is one of best sites where you can easily get millions of traffic for your site.

Free Image Sharing Sites List for Quality Backlinks

Many sites that are providing image sharing services are very High-quality Authority which is best for getting good backlinks to increase any site authority. You should know that sometime you must create or copy awesome pictures as per the requirements of some sites. There is no way to share your own pictures from blog posts to include on few sites.

Many sites pages are ranking very fast and high speed in Google, it means if you include your picture and leave your links, you can get fast ranking. We suggest you place these links more look natural instead of adding unlimited site URLs to everyone on any site.

Effects of Image Submission Sites on overall SEO

Many methods are created to increase domain authority and also get good quality traffic like blog commenting, video sharing sites, forum posting, pdf sharing sites, etc. Image sharing is a very easy way to get quality backlinks and traffic because you don’t need to write long articles for that, just you have to add a picture which is very easy.

Too many sites are getting high-quality traffic from premium countries after they spend a good time on them. There are normally 3 types of sites available on the internet for image submissions.

On type os sites are those where you upload your pictures and no one care much as there is less activity. You may stay active or try your best, still you get no traffic but these sites are good for unlimited backlinks.

Other types of sites are very active where you include your pictures and people will auto notice them. There is only one reason for these sites to be perfect, their structure system is powerful and your new picture may show up on their home page.

The third type of site is active also but people only notice your pictures if you stay active. Common ways are like their pictures, comment on them, share them on social media, visit their profile, send them messages, it is the only way they will reach back in an awesome way.

Procedure of Image Submission and sharing

The procedure is very simple, you have to make an account on these sites, complete basic profile, and also include your site link in it and start sharing images with site links. Remember, all of these sites are like instant approval and allow you to include images on your profile.

You may notice that some sites allow you to include pictures of your choice and others like Dribble rejects all images which are not similar to their site’s rules. Another site We Heart It is approving images fast but they are looking for very high-quality original images with a direct link to your site.

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1- Tumblr

DAPASpam Score

Tumblr is the best place to create a blog for free and it allows users to include posts, pictures, links, and videos easily. We include it first in our list of Image Sharing Sites list because of its structure. You can share high-quality popular images and include your link with it.

Getting traffic is not easy and you have to stay active but backlinks are very simple to make with images. Authority of the site is great with instant approval and there is no problem getting index fast in search engines.

2- Flickr

DAPASpam Score

Flickr is another great site that is all about pictures. They provide a good way to upload your images, with tags, and also a description to add backlinks. Groups are another way to get traffic where you can include your images. One best feature of this site share option of uploaded images to all your groups.

You don’t need to upload images or share them in each group one by one. Upload any image, include tags, and write a good description, share with every group you already join with few clicks.

3- Pinterest

DAPASpam Score

Pinterest is all about Images where you can create boards or pins with descriptions and links to your site. When you open this site, thousands of images appear on their site. One of the best search engines is Pinterest which is based on images and each one of them linked to other sites.

They provide one of the best features which allows users to submit their link and it will automatically show image related to it. You can include title, description, and also choose the board where you want to save it.

4- Instagram

DAPASpam Score

Instagram is the most powerful application in play store and there are millions of users available all the time. They have a simple process where you can upload your pictures like personal or most favorite natural etc.

You can upload good pictures with famous hashtags and become famous for some time. When you have a lot of followers, you can sell traffic in different ways like promote products, provide traffic for sites, and much more.

5- Imgur

DAPASpam Score

Imgur is nice looking amazing site for images where popular hashtags are available for everyone. There is a lot of activity on this which is good for getting traffic. The description section is part of every post to include details of image with backlink to your site.

All images are available for the community if you allow it, you can’t change your post after it is submitted for everyone. Thousands of images are already available there in different categories open for all members.

6- Mediafire

DAPASpam Score

Mediafire is a large site which allow storage of everything like videos, files, images, and more. It is basically a storage site but allows you to add a description in your file where you can provide backlinks.

Getting traffic is not easy because they don’t have any special community where you can share these images. The site is only best for creating good quality backlinks because of its high authority. Premium version is also available but for image submission, the free version is enough.

7- Behance

DAPASpam Score

Behance is number 7 in the Image Submission Sites list because of very high authority. Great site where you can find some good images on the home page which are viewed thousands of times already. The site accepts only good quality content and if it gets popular, you may receive a lot of traffic.

This site Behance is not only about backlinks but a great source of free traffic. You can sign up and start including your images for free. They have some other features like live streaming which are mostly focused on top graphic designers. The site is an amazing place to learn about making great images for everyone.

8- ZippyShare

DAPASpam Score

Zippyshare is another storage site similar to Mediafire and number 8 in our list of Image Submission Sites. Thousand of users are getting full benefits from it. There is no way to get traffic from it other than sharing links on sites, it is great for getting backlinks.

Their structure is very simple and allows everyone to upload files of many types as Zippyshare is best for free storage online. There are no signup requirements but it is better to make an account to track all your uploads which is free.

9- Skyrock

DAPASpam Score

The top site for creating blogs and variables for a very long time. You can create blogs or use your profile to add images on this site. Already thousand of active people are there who create blogs, share images, or also looking for good content.

Site is not limited to only images or blogs but they have other features like chat, videos, and many more to explore. Great high ranking makes this site best for backlinks and a good source of free traffic.

10- Dribble

DAPASpam Score

Dribble is not normal Image Submission Site because they have thousands of designers and creator to include good art. Activity is very high and thousands of people are looking for good content all the time.

You can create some art using different online sites or get it from other sites to upload on the dribble. The process is not easy because they review your images properly before accepting them.

11- Photo Bucket

DAPASpam Score

The amazing site where you can upload images in free version and get backlinks. There is no need to purchase their premium version if you are just looking to create quality backlinks. It is another site best for the storage of images but on quality level.

Online editors provide you a good chance to edit images and make them look better and amazing. Easy share on social media is also allowed for sharing these images.

12- Image Shacks

DAPASpam Score

The original site for photographers where they can create profiles and show their work to others. Thousands of images are already uploaded in different categories. You can’t include images if they are not high quality or original.

Getting backlinks and traffic is hard for those who want to include their blog posts or random picture. We suggest you add some great pictures and make some respect on the site which you can use for your advantage later for backlinks and traffic.

13- Photo.net

DAPASpam Score

This site is best for images, articles, and many other great features. There are many packages available for users but the free version is good enough for most bloggers. Forum is another place to create backlinks and traffic.

14- Post Images

DAPASpam Score

The very simple site where you can sign up or upload without creating an account. There is limited time if you upload your images without creating an account. Post images are also a place for powerful plugins that we can use on different forums.

You must use Giphy site or similar to include links on your images which anyone can click to visit or getting backlinks. Unfortunately, no way to include a description or adding normal links for backlinks.

15- Ebaum World

DAPASpam Score

Ebaum World is an amazing site that is created for people to add different images or write posts with nice images. Very active site and number 15 in the Image Submission Sites List. Thousands of active users are part of this site and if you upload any amazing images, you may get thousands of views for only 10 images or less.

We suggest everyone spend some good time on site because you may get thousands of visitors per day and also domain authority is very great for backlinks. Many powerful features are part of this site like videos and articles or forums. All of the amazing features make this site best in the Image Submission Sites List.

16- Moby Picture

DAPASpam Score

Moby Pictures is number 16 in Images Submission Sites List where you can upload a lot of images on your profile and share it with friends. Easy process to create pictures and share on social media. Another great feature of this site is groups that are very active as each picture is viewed many times.

This site is a great place for creating backlinks and traffic for your site. We suggest you spend this amazing site on the benefits of your site.

17- AMinus

DAPASpam Score

This site is a place for thousands of people from all over the world which is very active and a lot of pictures are added already. If you are interested in photography, you can use this site for great benefits.

Another way is to find different images on the internet, mix them a bit and upload on this site and get thousands of traffic for free and also backlinks. All photos on this site are real-life events and taken from somewhere and that’s easy to find great pictures by country.

18- My Photo

DAPASpam Score

My Photo is a place that allows you to make galleries on their site where you can collect amazing images. Both options are available like make private collection or open for everyone.

On the home page, you can find some collection by different people. Best place to make backlinks and get little traffic for your site.

19- DeviantArt

DAPASpam Score

Deviant Art is number 19 in our Image Submission Sites and most focus of the amazing site is ART. Thousands of different art is created and part of this site. Many different pictures are also included on this site which shows you can add anything you want.

You can consider this site on top of Your Image Sharing sites or Image Submission Sites list because it is a very active site with a lot of traffic for you.

20- Image Event

DAPASpam Score

Image event allows users to upload and organize images and share with everyone. There are similar options created for each user like make private collections or share with everyone.

You can find thousands of images created and shared for free to everyone. There is less activity on this site and you can’t find too many views on your images. Getting backlinks from this site is also hard and you may need to use some other techniques.

21- MorgueFile

DAPASpam Score

A huge collection of free images is part of this site which everyone is allowed to use for free. If you can create these types of images or good at getting them from anywhere, this site can become a great place for backlinks and also traffic for your site.

The site is based on hashtags that you can use to follow thousands of images. Morguefile is like Pixabay but they have more huge collection compare to pixabay.

22- Gifyu

DAPASpam Score

Nice place to upload gif images and share them with everyone. But you may not get many benefits from it as it allows you to share images in private mode. Getting backlinks is only benefit from this amazing site for you.

23- Giphy

DAPASpam Score

Giphy is an amazing tool site to create gif images where you can add site links in each image, also you can include links on top of the image which is clickable. Thousands of images are already created and available on their sites. You can find many posts that are ranked on google which shows how much benefits you can get easily.

Many great categories are created on top of the site and overall this site is best in Image Submission Sites. Animated GIf is a very powerful way to share reaction and best stickers etc.

24- Dropshots

DAPASpam Score

DRopshots is a place of amazing features like you can upload, organize images, and also comment on other images. You can upload pictures on this site and then get a simple code to use it on your site.

This site is not just like a picture uploading site but an amazing community where people can connect with each other. Search bar is powerful which is easy to use for finding anything on site.

25- Fotki

DAPASpam Score

Fotki is a great community for image lovers and part of our great list of Image Submission Sites. You can make friends, share your pictures, like and stay connected with thousands of real people. another way to use this site is a great collection of images on their home page created by different users.

Special Tips to get Visitors from Image Submission sites

There are some special tips to get successful in image submissions techniques. One important tip is to fill your profile with different high-quality images all leading to your sites. It means you can include thousands of images on Pinterest and people will soon starting to follow you and visit your site also.

Another tip is to start working on a site before creating your site. It means you can add hundreds of original images on WeHeartIt without any link to your site. It will take sometime when you get popular and people started to follow you. You can start adding your site links in images after getting good followers and become popular.

The third tip is to focus on sites where they use hashtags like Pinterest, Instagram, and Imgur and people are looking for images by typing hashtags. Little research on common hashtags can take your images on top of these sites and that’s a great way to get traffic and backlinks.

Other Similar Off Page SEO Techniques

Off-page SEO is very important in search engines and almost every site is using these techniques for getting better ranking. High-quality content sites can easily rank without it but it takes a very long time to pare to their competition using these techniques.

Many techniques are available which everyone can use to get backlinks, traffic, r increase site authority easily. We suggest our users use all these sites by selecting the high ranked or quality sites from each technique.

PPT Submission Sites

PPT files are a very great way to get backlinks for free because Google can read these files easily. Many sites that allow users to upload these files are high ranking which is best for users to get real high-quality backlinks and also traffic.

Video Submission Sites

You can easily make a video of your every post and upload to different video submission sites and get good traffic or backlinks. YouTube is one of the best sites where you can do little keyword research and upload videos with your link to get thousands of traffic.

Pdf Submission Site List

Pdf is another type of file that users can create easily and upload on many sites that provide the option to submit pdf files. You can include your links in file or description when uploading and google can read these files, it means they can easily index these backlinks.

Search Engine Submission Sites List

There are only a few top search engines like google or bing but many small search engines are also created. You should submit your site on these search engines which can easily help you get good traffic as they have their own permanent visitors who ignore Google and others.

Ping Submission Sites

Ping submission is very important and it gives a signal to search engines about the latest updates on your sites. Many sites are created for this purpose where you can submit your blog or posts for fast results.

Blog Commenting Sites / Blog Submission Sites

Blog commenting is the only free, fast, perfect way to get backlinks for your site. One best suggestion is to create backlinks on all competitor’s sites available in the top 25 results in google. On a few sites, you should try to act naturally with the original comment and leave a link in profile.

Profile Creation Sites

Some sites with very high authority allow users to create a profile on them. You can easily leave your site links on these sites and make good backlinks back to your site.

Forum Submission Sites

Hundreds of active forums are created on the internet where thousands of people are active all the time. These sites are the best way to get unlimited traffic or backlinks for your sites. Most of these forums allow users to post anything and include links to their sites. But some of them are very strict about their rules.


Sites in google are claiming to provide a list of 100 or more images submission sites but there are some problems with those sites. The spam score is very high on these sites, few of them are not working and many are low authority sites.

List created on our site is perfect, users can create backlinks on these sites, get good traffic easily and there is a very simple procedure to do it. We know some sites are not part of this list but those are perfect for getting traffic or backlinks and we surely gonna add them in our next update.

Final Words

Our site is created to help everyone and this post is all about bloggers to get high ranking. If you get any benefit from this site, please share it on your social media or suggest to other people.

Please Share Image Submission Sites – Image Sharing Sites List with friends and family. Thanks

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