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Kids YouTube Channels is list of most popular famous channels with millions of subscribers and billions of watch time already.

Table of Content
1. Popularity of Kids Channels
2. Comparison of Channels with TV
3. Top Lists by Famous Sites
4. Short summary of Kids YouTube Channel
5. Conclusion
Top 10 Kids YouTube Channels

Popularity of Kids Channels

YouTube is most visited sites for those who looking for videos online and alternative to live Tv. Some of these channels have millions of subscribers and billions of views already. Popularity of these channels is increasing and become best fun station for kids.

Most of these channels are about kids cartoon or some funny videos which can make everyone laugh. Animation creation is very common these days and some of these channels build their own series same like a tv series. IT shows kids spent more time on these channels compare to Tv channels.

Comparison of Channels with TV

These channels are different from Tv because of many ways. Some of channels are adding content which was publish on Tv in episodes. Some create their own unique creation which is equally favorite of everyone. Almost all channels are hosted by kids and thats reason kids love to watch them.

One best advantage of these channels is kids can watch all episodes free anytime with out missing them. On Tv its possible they miss any episode because their is fix time for everything. All new videos are directly uploaded and users can watch them any time. These channels also include streaming videos like Tv.

Top Lists by Famous Sites

Many lists are created on same topic by top sites with details. You can visit for 10 best educational channels for kids on Learning Liftof. One best list which show channels by most subscription is available on Statista. Kids and teen channels list is added by Common Sense Media where they add 12 channels list.

Short summary of Kids YouTube Channel

  1. Kids Diana Show
  2. ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs
  3. Pinkfong! Kids’ Songs & Stories
  4. Ryan’s World
  5. Toys And Little Gaby
  6. Peppa Pig – Official Channel 
  7. Sesame Street
  8. Masha and The Bear
  9. FGTeeV
  10. DreamWorksTV by Peacock Kids

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1- Kids Diana Show

Kids Diana Show is Most popular channel with subscription of over 52 millions and some videos are watched over 800 millions time. This channel is about real kids who are doing some stuff in their life all the time.

No other channel is more popular then Kids Diana Show and one common reason is its not just about animation but reality. There is no way kids can refuse to see other kids doing what they actually do in real life. This is reason its most famous channel with billions of views already.

Visit Kids Diana Show

2- ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

You can find many channels on YouTube on topic of Rhymes & Kids Songs with very popularity. We can only choose one channel out of many for our top 10 list of best Kids YouTube Channel. This channel reached to over 34 millions users already.

All videos on this channel are build with unique songs to teach kids. Best channel for teaching kids and also for fun. Few videos are very long but still they add songs in them and there is no other talking.

Visit ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

3- Pinkfong! Kids’ Songs & Stories

Unique channel with over 31 millions of subscribers and this is about kids songs or stories. Its best channel to teach kids about how they can take care of everything around them in good way. They teach kids about many common things like watching hands and more.

Everything is mix up in this channel from kids to animation in form of talking or songs. They build large collection of short stories for kid in animation form which kids really love to watch. Its very awesome unique channel for kids and they are also giving some free items to kids.

Visit Pinkfong! Kids’ Songs & Stories

4- Ryan’s World

Ryan World is 4th number channel with almost 25 millions subscribers already. Its mix type of channel where they add a lot of fun videos. We can see kids playing games which are build special for them, playing videos games or singing many songs.

Whole concept of this channel is around a kid who is doing lot of stuff which other kids really love to watch. This channel is important to learn lot of stuff for people of all ages. Its also connected to their official site where they add some cool information related to channel.

Visit Ryan’s World

5- Toys And Little Gaby

This channel is number 5 with over 15 millions subscribers and about only real stuff without much of animation. Toys & Little Gaby is about mother with her 2 kids who are doing fun stuff in home everywhere.

Some videos are created where kids are singing songs, playing outside with mom, learning about names of random items etc. Videos are mostly short but very popular like watched over 300 to 500 millions time already. They build another channel in Spanish language for fun which is really cool.

Visit Toys And Little Gaby

6- Peppa Pig – Official Channel 

Very famous channel with over 15 millions subscribers and its all about animation and different from many other kids channels. They build a unique series of cartoons for kids and add thousands of episodes on this channel. People really love this channel and most of videos are watched millions of time.

Live streaming is another option available where cartoons are being played like real tv. We can see thousands of people watching live streaming which show how much this channel is is popular among kids. Some other famous series from different channels are also linked to channel in playlist area.

Visit Peppa Pig – Official Channel 

7- Sesame Street

Animation channel where many characters are created and there are over 15 millions subscribers on this channel. This channel is about different characters who are doing different stuff like singing songs, living like real people etc.

Very awesome site is created which is linked to this channel with many good features. New episodes are coming every week and this channel is considered very famous and millions of kids are watching from over 150 countries daily.

Visit Sesame Street

8- Masha and The Bear

Amazing YouTube channel with 14 millions subscriber and story is about little kid with bear. After watching videos on this channel, it feels like everything is real appending there. They create amazing stories for kids and like a complete Tv series.

Most funny channel which can make everyone laugh. Story is around Masha & bear but there is many characters around them which also take important part in stories. Most of other characters are animal and very funny.

Visit Masha and The Bear

9- FGTeeV

Game play channel for kids and its really hard to find any video which is not watched over 1 million time. Very popular channel for all kids who love playing video games. channel is all about playing games on big screen and also continue fun talking.

We can also see host, his wife and kids on screen when they play each game. This channel is completely different from all channels available in our list. There are no kids having fun or any type of cartoon video involves in it. They also created a large shop where users can buy kids related items from them.

Visit FGTeeV

10- DreamWorksTV by Peacock Kids

DreamWorksTV is a different channel which is all about providing information to its users. Most of it it about kids, they build animations to explain it in proper way. you cant find real kids playing, there are no games play in it or full cartoon series.

There are many ways used to provide information like a girl is talking about games, kid movies and much more. Some videos are created to teach kids how to make small food recipes. Large collection of videos are related to life hacks for kids where they teach many tips

Visit DreamWorksTV by Peacock Kids


All of these channels are selected because of their high rating or subscribers. We ignore some groups which are very popular but their topics are similar. These groups are 1st choice for everyone who is looking to find fun for their kids. Very funny channels are build not just for kids but everyone.

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