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Most Popular Games for Pc – It includes Top games of all time – Final Fantasy XIV – DOOM Eternal – Total War: Three Kingdoms.

Popular Pc Games

Popularity of Pc games is still on top level because Android phones cant provide what these high quality games are providing. All new upcoming games are better then any old type of game in any way from Quality to Story lines and everything.

Another important feature of Pc game is these are becoming more realistic with time. You can play some games like a hunting game can provide you real time experience. Its similar to you are in a real forest hunting real animals.

We have created list of some top games which are very popular and people love to play them in last many years. These games include old games and some fresh new released.

Popular Games 2016 for Pc

Some popular Games released for 2016.

  1. XCOM 2
  2. Dishonored 2
  3. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
  4. Gears of War 4
  5. World of Warcraft: Legion

Most Popular Games 2017 for pc

Some popular Games released for 2017.

  1. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
  2. Destiny 2
  3. The Evil Within 2
  4. Thimbleweed Park
  5. FIFA 18

Pc Most Popular Games 2018

Some popular Games released for 2018.

  1. Jurassic World Evolution
  2. Monster Hunter: World
  3. HITMAN 2
  4. BattleTech
  5. Two Point Hospital

Most Popular 2019 Pc Games

Some popular Games released for 2019.

  1. Planet Zoo
  2. Apex Legends
  3. Outer Wilds
  4. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
  5. Tropico 6

Latest 2020 Most Popular Pc Games

Some popular Games released for 2020.

  1. Minecraft Dungeons
  2. Gears Tactics
  3. New World
  4. Marvel’s Avengers
  5. Half-Life: Alyx

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10- DOOM Eternal (2020)

Doom Eternal is 5th game in series and FPS most popular game. Player takes role of Doom killer who hunt down demons which are very dangerous for humanity. Player must engage enemies to get health, ammo and much more. Almost all type of small to deadly weapons are available for player to use in this game to kill enemies.

9- Final Fantasy XIV (2010)

Its massive online multiplayer RPG game and 14th game in whole series. Final Fantasy is most popular game and millions of players love to play it. In this new game there are 5 playable races and each with 2 different tribes. Full customization option is available for all players to make character look like they want. Two different type of quests are available to play like main story or follow side quests.

8- ARK – Survival Evolved (2015)

This game is open world survival game where players can choose between 1st or 3rd person as per their requirements. Its very large map which is used for open world. Its full of too much creators of all kind which can become problem for players when playing. Sometime they have to use weapons against these many Dino creators.

7- Red Dead Redemption 2 (2018)

Action adventure and open world 3rd game in this popular series. Game is available for both online and multiplayer to play with too many players. You have to control a character who is member of a gang to complete many various different missions. Player is allowed to go anywhere outside story missions.

6- Path of Exile (2013)

Path of Exile is open world game where player have to control a character to explore large part of map. Too many different type of missions and quests are available from Non Human characters to finish and earn rewards. There are 6 different classes available on start with each of them have totally different abilities. Game is built on complete unique system to purchase or sell anything.

5- Planet Coaster (2016)

One of best simulation construction game and most popular among players who love these type of games. Player have too many options to construct theme parks with complete plan. Challenge mode is different from normal game where fix amount of resources are given to players to complete their park in time given to them. Planet coaster is game with almost all type of features which are required to make best simulation game.

4- Total War – Three Kingdoms (2019)

Three Kingdom is turn base game where you have to choose one out of 12 factions. Victory depends on destruction of all other factions. You can unify whole china in this old age and become its ruler. Game is divided into many parts which are controlled by different generals and player can also deploy up to 3 generals to get advantage against enemies.

3- World of Warcraft (2004)

World of Warcraft is most powerful game with millions of registered users in very short period of time. All other games in this series are also very popular among players. Its only online game play where you have to join a server to start it. Many different type of missions are available like completing quests or player vs player fights and much more.

2- Diablo III (2012)

Very famous horror game where players have to complete many missions in different parts of map. Each place have their own monsters which become more powerful when player advanced through game by completing levels. Players have to use many potions or find deadly weapons against many enemies when ever completing missions.

1- Minecraft (2009)

Sandbox game which is most popular in whole world of games. There is no fix goal or missions to complete and it allow users to play as they want. Achievement system is built in game and player have to mine different blocks which are available in whole game. Moving blocks and place them in some other location is main purpose of game. Its simple but most fun game to play compare to all similar game like this.

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