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Most Populated Countries in the World – World Population by Country – Which Country has the Largest Population in Whole World? Most busy countries in world.

Population is increasing in whole world with time and some countries are more populated then others. Whole world is divided into many categories of countries on base of some specific condition.

Few countries are very poor but population is high, some are very rich but they have less population. Most populated countries want to change their speed of increasing population & on other side some countries want to increase their population for some reasons.

You can find great knowledge about population of whole world top countries. Its easy to find that USA is richest country and also part of this list & most poorest country India is part of it too.

Top Most Populated Countries in the Asia

  1. China
  2. India
  3. Indonesia
  4. Pakistan
  5. Bangladesh

Most Populated African Countries in the world

  1. Zimbabwe
  2. Zambia
  3. Western Sahara
  4. Uganda
  5. Tunisia

European Most Populated Countries in the world

  1. Russia
  2. Germany
  3. United Kingdom
  4. France
  5. Italy

South America Top country by Most population in the world

  1. Brazil
  2. Colombia
  3. Argentina
  4. Peru
  5. Venezuela

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10- Mexico

Mexico is number 10 in list with 129 Millions of population. Its north american country located south of USA. Its not rich country to provide people with all important needs, reaching to level 10 in world population is major problem for Mexico.

9- Russia

Russian is number 9 with 146 millions of population. Its very large country & also they have more resources available then any other countries. Population level is very low compare to its size and Russia is powerful country in world located north of China, East of Europe or West of USA.

8- Bangladesh

Bangladesh is number 8 in list with 164 millions of population. Its normal average country with too much population. This may be one of biggest problem of this country, Very less resources are available compare to population high graph. Bangladesh is located east of India and south of China.

7- Nigeria

Nigeria is number 7 in list with 206 millions of population. African country which is most populated compare to any other country in Africa. They have less resources, currency is low and also very poor. Its located west of Africa and surrounded by other small countries.

6- Brazil

Brazil is number 6 in list with 212 millions of population. South american country with most population compare to all other countries in same region. Again, another poor country with most population. Level of poverty is increasing with time and also population with it.

5- Pakistan

Population of Pakistan is 220 millions and its 5th number in whole world by population. One of best Islamic country in the world. A country with too much population compare to its size and resources. Its located south of china, east of Afghanistan & Iran, West of India.

4- Indonesia

Indonesia is number 4 in list with 273 millions of population. Its very large country and poverty rate is not much high compare to its population. Its close to Malaysia & consist of over 7 thousands of islands. Population is increasing with fast speed in this country.

3- United States

World super power with 331 millions of people and rank is 3 in whole world list. Population is very huge but its most developed country in the whole world. Its located in north America , south of Canada which is another large country by its size. Population effects Most powerful country and too many people are poor in this country too.

2- India

World largest country after China is India with 1 Billion 353 millions people living in it. India is very large country and most of people are living poor life in many areas. Its located south of China and always conflicts with all neighbors.

1- China

China is number one in list with 1 billion 439 millions people and growing. Its world largest economy system and also very huge country in world. Most powerful country and considered as real super power is China. Population is controlled by Gov and thats why its not increasing much compare to past.

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