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PPT Submission Sites – Our collection of amazing sites where you can upload PPT files with following simple steps, high DA, and less spam score. You can find complete details about PPT files, special tips which you can use to get better results from search engines.

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What are Free PPT Submission Sites?
Why Free PPT Submission Sites are important for Off-Page SEO?
Special Tips to get full benefits from PPT Submission Sites for SEO
T10L rating system for the category of “Blogging 2020”
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What are Free PPT Submission Sites?

PPT files are created by Microsoft PowerPoint which can include text, slides, images, and videos. These files are very important which can easily read by google to consider as backlinks. It depends on users how they can include links on these sites which google can read, index, and consider as high-quality backlinks.

Many people are already using this technique because Google can read these files and these files uploaded on many sites gives good signal. The most important part of this method is the creation of good quality PPT which can work better for any site.

Unlike many other off-page SEO methods where you need to search for a good description which you can use for backlinks. PPT is a completely different way because you can include your links inside the presentation which google can read and consider as backlinks.

Why Free PPT Submission Sites are important for Off-Page SEO?

PPT submission sites provide a good platform to create a lot of backlinks for different websites. High-quality sites with good ranking are the best place to upload these files which you must create carefully and place important links in them.

Getting traffic is hard when you are using ppt submission sites because you must create a high-quality presentation that everyone likes, share your links in the proper way, and convince people to visit your site.

Special Tips to get full benefits from PPT Submission Sites for SEO

Importance of clickable URL

The best tip is to include your site links in each ppt file in a way that Google can easily crawl it. You can make clickable links easily using tools in PowerPoint. If you add 10 links without making them good enough for search engines, there is a waste of time to sharing that ppt file anywhere.

You must include your home page URL, post URL which you made ppt file, and also some other related posts links to make sure of getting as many backlinks you can from one upload. Again, make these links clickable and easily indexed by search engines for a fast effect on your site’s ranking.


There are different settings on each website like you can upload your files in a private mode which no one can view or access. This is a major problem when you are adding your file, if no one can read those files, you must know it will affect the visibility of files to search engines too.

Its always best practice to make your account on these sites and uploaded files visible to everyone. You can also include your home page links to profiles of these sites for better and fast effects. Another important tip is to make your URL clearly visible inside the file in which search engines can easily crawl.

Make Presentation look awesome

There are some sites where you can upload ppt files and get huge traffic because these sites are created for uploading presentations. If you upload your ppt files for only backlinks, there is no need to waste too much time creating the most amazing ppt files.

IF you make your presentation look nice which provides value to users, they will surely click on your links inside it for more articles. Thousands of visitors may become your permanent fans if you include your post in the most realistic and amazing way on these sites.

Always look for good quality Sites

You can find thousands of sites that allow users to upload their files but it is better to choose amazing sites with high authority. Uploading files on high spam sites may increase your site spam score which can affect your ranking very badly.

Make groups of these sites and upload continue

We suggest users make groups of these sites to upload your files. You can arrange sites in categories on the basis of their ranking, only backlink sites or there is a chance to get traffic from them. The main focus on the beginning of the new site should be the use of all off-page SEO techniques instead of focusing on only one or a few.

Free Tools to Create PPT files for free

There are some free tools available that allow users to create these files in seconds. You can search in google for different queries for better results like Pictures to PPT, Pdf to PPT converters, and many more.

These tools are very important because those who cant create ppt files can easily get benefits from them. Almost all of these tools are free, some with few limitations, with few settings you can create amazing ppt presentations.

PPT Submission Sites List 2020

Our list of these sites is completely updated with the latest sites added which are working fine and high authority. You can consider our post as a filter of hundreds of sites which are ranking top in google with no updates, mostly collection of spam sites, low ranking, there is no easy option to upload your files and some sites are already closed.

T10L rating system for the category of “Blogging 2020”

T10L rating system is created to provide users a better chance to find the best sites that can help them in blogging. For the Blogging 2020 section, there are few important factors which we will check and collect data for the final ranking of these sites.

  1. DA above 75 means 10 points, DA is above 50 means 5 points, DA above 20 means 2 points, less than 20 means 0 points for that site.
  2. Spam score 1% means 10 points, less then 10% means 5 points, and less than 20% means 2 points and above 20% means 0 points.
  3. Site good for traffic means 5 points, the site is good for backlinks means 5 points, the site is good for both backlinks & traffic means 10 points.
  4. Easy system to create a profile and start working depends on each site after review and get points from 1 to 10.

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10- Slides

Slide Egg is a place where you can sell your presentation and earn money from it. Millions of presentations are already crated which users can download after purchasing their packages. There are also some good offers created by the site for a limited time.

Unlike all other sites in this list, you can’t get too many views by people who are just looking for free-content. You have to make a great presentation which users can buy for the money. Most traffic on their site is all about searching for amazing templates to purchase for them.

There are many simple options available that help users search for their favorite or professional presentations. You may notice that there are hundreds of different categories each with too many different templates available.

Authority is only 21 which means we suggest only new site users get benefits from it. Especially those with less than 10 domain authority can get benefits from it. The spam score is only 3% which is good for making backlinks from this site.

Free templates are most awesome for making backlinks and get good traffic. You can also include your links on 1st pages of paid templates that users can click to visit your site. Activity is very high on this site which means many people are visiting the site to purchase different templates.

One best method is to create a few templates and sell them for very cheap and convince users to visit your site to buy more. All you need to do it add some template in a post on your site and too many users will visit.

we can only give 2 points for very less domain rating. Getting traffic is also very difficult from this site, which means only 5 points for traffic & backlinks.

Overall T10 Rating is 27/40 which is 68%.

9- Powershow

Home of millions of presentations which you can access free in the best easy way without making an account on it. There are too many features provided by this site. Some PowerPoint presentations are free for everyone, but they include some trademarks and users can also purchase hundreds of them.

They have one section which includes promoted presentation which is viewed from the home page. Thousands of people already viewed these promoted contents.

They add a few important categories on the home page which you explore. The presentation is free to view the paid presentation, photo slide shows, and their all products available with it.

Another great feature of this site is selling your presentation. You can upload your presentation with setting turn on “pay to view”. It means if someone wants to view your presentation, they must pay money for it which you will earn.

Authority is 55 with a spam score of 12% and we suggest users use this site if they have very little authority or just created their new site.

Many ways to get benefits from this site like promote your presentation for free and sell them for money. In simple words get backlinks, traffic and also earn money from it.

You need to upload some good presentations for free to make your profile famous. When people start to trust in you, they can easily buy your next presentations. Another way is to create 2 versions of your presentation, free and paid which can attract more visitors.

Everyone who is visiting this site must be looking for some good information. If you create the best post on your site, it’s better to convert it in a proper way to the presentation which can give people benefits. You must know this is the only way to convince people to visit your site.

There is too much spam score which makes the site look bad and affect everyone who gets backlinks from it. We know this effect is not much because 12% is not a great number, we give this site 2 points for bad spam score. Five points for less domain authority but everything else is perfect.

Overall T10 Rating is 27/40 which is 68%.

8- Pdfslide

PDF slide is another free site which allows users to upload different presentation for completely free. Many categories are already available where you can find thousands of uploaded pdf or ppt files. This site is very simple because there are not many features as many other top sites.

No option is available which offers users to buy their premium packages, they don’t offer many other services similar to the top site. Sits name is pdf slide but you can upload any other types of file too. But people can easily get confused after looking at their site name in the beginning.

The site looks very active because each presentation is viewed hundreds of times. It looks like they include all new or old presentations in the same place and allows everyone to access them randomly. Pdfslide is best number 8 in our list for ppt submission sites.

Domain authority is 54 which is normal but the spam score is high compare to other sites. We include this site because there is no other site that is better. We will surely include another best site in our next update.

The procedure of uploading files is very simple on this site where you can good description easily. There are too many categories already created by users. The main focus of this site looks like storing files online for free.

You can find all types of documents and presentations on this site. We suggest users upload all blog posts on this site with a plan. You can upload 1,2 files and look for results at least 1 week.

Every user can suggest us best site which we can include in our list. The best way to suggest to us is to comment box or contact us form. Thanks

We can give this site 2 points for high spam score, 5 for medium-level domain authority. But their way of uploading files or using the site is very nice which means 10 points. The site looks amazing for both traffic and backlinks which means it adds 10 points.

Overall T10 Rating is 27/40 which is 68%.

7- Slideserve

Slideserve is the most amazing site for presentation and you can consider it home of millions of presentations. Site is full of many amazing features which make it perfect ppt submission site for blogger.

As per Similar Web there are over 4 million active users per month and increasing every month. Its 85% traffic is coming from search engines which are best for those to work on this site.

Presentation creator is a place which allows user to create their own presentation in just a few simple steps. This is a very powerful tool that they are using and helps users who don’t know how to create ppt files.

Millions of templates for power points are created which you buy at cheap rates. Premium plan allow users to upload unlimited files every month which is not possible with the free version.

Users can search anything they want but some special categories are created like recent, updated presentations or choose from topics. You can see many amazing presentations are already created and viewed thousands of times by users.

Domain authority is 60 with a spam score of 1% which is best for sites to create good quality backlinks.

Slide serve is a very popular site where over 4 million users are visiting every month looking for a great presentation. Bloggers can create presentations from their posts or look for popular topics and create content as per trending tags.

There is a profile for every user where others can follow them, look for their channels, and find every presentation uploaded by them. You must stay connected with other people, like their presentation, leave comments, follow them and this is the best way for you to get noticed fast.

Overall site is perfect but their domain authority is less then 75 which is only problem with this site. Slide serve is perfect as ppt submission site for all bloggers.

Overall T10 Rating is 35/40 which is 88%.

6- Edocr

Edocr is an amazing site with the most creative and good looking template compare to all other sites. Main purpose of this site is to support blogger to get effective SEO results.

On the home page of this site, you can find amazing categories like popular or legal documents, featured users or documents, and blog posts. Their online view system is really amazing which allows users to read their documents online.

As per the Similar Web, there are thousands of monthly active visitors on this site. Most of the documents are viewed too many time which show huge activity on site.

Uploading any document is easy with description and a good title can attract more visitors easily. The site will auto-share all files to all social profiles which you already connected.

Domain authority is 69 with only 1% spam score which is really great and amazing for the creation of backlinks or traffic.

There is one great benefit of this site which allows users to create documents using the URL of any site. But you cant make perfect ppt files using it. Still, its the best way to save your time.

You can include your links in ppt files and upload them on this site, also they allow users to add links to the description of every file. Again, there is only one way to get attraction and its create a presentation which helps people in any way.

Creating the best quality presentation is good for getting traffic and getting backlinks is easy as you can upload your presentation for free. Make sure whatever you upload is public for everyone to view.

Edocr is a more powerful amazing site but we can only give 5 points for their little low rating. The spam score is fine, best for traffic, and getting free high-quality backlinks. Proces of uploading file is most amazing compare to any other site like create from url or else.

Overall T10 Rating is 35/40 which is 88%.

5- Authorstream

The main focus of the Authorstream is a presentation only like pdf and ppt files etc. Users can upload, share, and also search for available thousands of presentations. On their home page, you can find featured presentation which is viewed millions of time already.

An important feature of this site is the selling of PowerPoint templates or diagrams. Those bloggers who are interested can also sell their templates on this site. But the competition is very high and customers are not enough.

They provide very little data storage for their free version but its enough to upload important files for bloggers. Best way to get benefits us to create multiple accounts for solutions of less storage or purchase.

You can search on site by categories, channels, most viewed, or just type in the search bar. Creating private presentation is easy which you can share with anyone you like but making your presentation public is very important for SEO.

Authority is 87 with 12% spam score which is not good compare to many other top sites. But it’s good enough for most users to get benefits from it.

There are many ways to get benefits from this site like the use of different tags available on the home page. You can’t find too much activity on some popular tags, which shows you can rank there.

The site allows users to create their own channel with complete information which is the best way to share presentations. It’s like a YouTube channel where users can follow your presentations, it means if they like your posts, you can get returning visitors for your content.

You can leave your presentation link under similar or popular ppt files where you see too much activity. It’s the best way to shows people your work. They will surely visit your presentation if you include a good title and description in a comment.

The spam score is great to compare to normal sites which decreases its point to 2 only. Authorstream is an awesome site for uploading files, getting traffic & backlinks and domain authority is high enough.

Overall T10 Rating is 32/40 which is 80%.

4- Vcasmo

Vcasmo is a very simple site that allows users to upload the presentation. Their site is great and perfect for sharing nice ppt files. Limited storage is available in the free account but its enough for bloggers to upload their blog posts as ppt presentations.

Showcase is a very important part of the site where you can browse thousands of already created presentations by different users. They have created different categories, some popular tags are also available in this section for users to browse easily.

Top Lists is part of showcase where you can find the latest added presentations, most popular and high ranked files are also included. Few common details are also shown on this page like views and how many slides are included in any file? Vcasmo is amazing site and 4th in our list of ppt submission sites.

There is no sign up required to view these presentations, showcase section is open for everyone. The most important features of Vcasmo are listed here on Features List. Some of these features are available in the free version but you must upgrade your account for getting full benefits.

Domain authority is 37 and the spam score is 2% only. Vcasmo is not a great site for high ranking sites but you must use this amazing site if your site is fresh.

Vcasmo provides all options for users to rank their presentation high on their site. Even their option on the showcase section shows the latest upload files which are best for fresh updates. But there are too many files uploaded, many people are already famous because of many perfect uploads, it’s not easy to get good benefits from it.

You can see which files are available on top of the list and make a presentation on the same topics. It shows what is popular on this site. Inside these ppt files, you can provide your introduction with the site link, also tell them to read more great knowledge on your site.

Again, creating an amazing presentation which people love is the best way to get good benefits of platforms like Vcasmo. People will surely click on your links for more if they like what you present them. Another best way is to include links in different parts of the presentation for different resources.

We can only give 2 points to this site because of less DA. 10 points for less spam score, 10 for an amazing system of this site which bloggers can use for both backlinks and traffic. Uploading files is easy which is best for all users.

Overall T10 Rating is 32/40 which is 80%.

3- Slideshare

Slideshare is a really amazing site that is connected to the most famous site LinkedIn where millions of active users are available all the time. The site is all about uploading presentation in form of ppt or pdf and many others. There are millions of courses available on this site and presentation which can help everyone.

All types of categories are part of this site, it allows users to read all these files online without the need to download. As per the Similar Web, there are 168 million visitors every month on this site. Some of the files are viewed thousands of times in many categories which shows how much people really love to use this site.

The system is really simple which allow users to upload their files, another best way is to include description, Slideshare becomes search engine of presentations. You can join the learning part of the site where thousands of courses are available which you can access for cheap rates.

Domain authority is 95 with only 1% spam score. Best site to make backlinks and get traffic for your site.

There are 2 ways to use it for backlinks and the most amazing way to use it for traffic. You can make an awesome presentation of your blog posts and also give links to your site, if people love your post providing good information, they will directly visit your site for more.

Traffic is automatic which means people will start visiting your site without any wait. This all depends on how much good title, description, keywords are included in your presentation, and also how much great ppt files you build.

The ranking is high (10 Points), Spam score is very low (10 Points), very easy system to upload ppt files (10 points), best for backlinks, easy to get traffic (10 Points). We recommend this site to our users because its best for everyone to get good backlinks and also too much traffic.

Overall T10 Rating is 40/40 which is 100%.

2- Scribd

Scribd is a huge site which is all about books, audiobooks, and documents which are uploaded millions of time already. It is paid service for readers because there is a limit if anyone wants to read for free. The main focus of the site is not documents but some of the top documents are viewed thousands of times already. Scribd is ranked 2nd best site in our list ppt submission sites.

The site is really high quality which provides the best-looking platform for users to upload. The description is also allowed for users to include with each upload. Users can read presentations online or download.

Domain authority is 94% with 2 % spam score which make this site perfect for a blogger to upload their different type of documents.

Scribd is the most powerful site which you can use for traffic or backlinks. There are 2 ways to get backlinks and getting traffic from this site is simple. You must create an amazing presentation because users pay money to see them, the only way to get successful is to create best information and amazing style of your files.

One presentation created by you related to your post which gets viral can provide thousands of visitors on your site. Write a good title, description, and work hard instead of uploading hundreds of useless ppt files.

The ranking is high (10 Points), Spam score is very low (10 Points), very easy system to upload ppt files (10 points), best for backlinks, easy to get traffic (10 Points). We recommend this site to our users because its best for everyone to get good backlinks and also too much traffic.

Overall T10 Rating is 40/40 which is 100%.

1- Issuu

Issuu is the most powerful site which allows users to upload different type of files. All types of amazing options are available on this site when uploading. They show some ads on your presentation if you don’t subscribe to their premium services. Issuu is best site in our list of ppt submission sites.

Selling is a very important feature of this site which allows everyone to sell their files. Statistics allow users to monitor their files completely from impressions to views. All type of files are part of their search engines, thousands of files are free to view.

Article story is another powerful feature which provides users with a free tool to make their post look amazing. Some important features are only available if you subscribe to premium service. We suggest bloggers to use the free version to create an amazing presentation for their blog posts.

Domain authority is 94 with 1% spam score and makes this amazing site perfect for all bloggers. Many files from this site are ranked on google which provides extra traffic for those who upload them.

Blogger can use a 2-way strategy for this site like create the most amazing presentation, get backlinks and traffic for the site, also earn money from Issuu. There is no problem for bloggers if they write 200 posts in 1 year and also apply these 200 posts as a presentation to earn money on this site.

Earning money required little more effort to make a more awesome presentation but its worth it. There are thousands of active users already part of this site which can become your potential visitors.

Similar Web shows 50 million monthly active users are available on site. 59% of traffic is coming from search engines and high premium countries. Huge traffic makes this site a search engine of their own where people search millions of times every month for different content.

The site is perfect for everything, domain authority, spam score, easy to upload, best for traffic, and backlinks. Most perfect choice for bloggers to spend a good time on Issuu for the best results.

Overall T10 Rating is 40/40 which is 100%.

Similar Sites providing lists of Free PPT submission sites

There are some sites in google claiming to provide a list of too many sites. Most of these sites are low domain authority and high spam score which affects the ranking of all those sites who get backlinks from them. Some sites are not working properly and few are already closed for a long time.

Discover Soon is an amazing site with accurate and great sites working. Adons Web is an example of too many sites full of spam, not working, hard to upload files, and broken sites collection. Iamrohit collection of sites is amazing but they no longer update for their users.

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This list of amazing sites is collected after visiting hundreds of sites collections available on many sites. Our post is like a filter version of all top 20 ranked posts in search engines. All useless sites which are bad for SEO are removed from this list. Similar to other posts on our site, there are only a few sites on this list because this is the best collection for everyone.

We suggest users choose some of these sites and arrange them in different categories for a better effective strategy. Few sites are special for traffic, many are only good for creating backlinks, and it’s up to bloggers to build their own strategy for better results.

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