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Question and Answer Websites in 2020 is list of all available and active sites which are build to help answer everyone questions about anything.

Table of Content
1. What are Question & Answer Websites?
2. Some Common Benefits of These Sites
3. Few Lists by Famous Websites
4. Short Summary of Question and Answer Websites in 2020
5. Conclusion

What are Question & Answer Websites?

Many platforms are build with time to help answer questions by everyone. These are open sites like community where any one is allowed to post question and also there is no limited who can answer it. Top questions with most views or rated are always reached on top of site. These are called trending questions and it shows list of all popular questions with answers.

It could be like a search engine of questions where people can ask new questions or visit previous answered questions. Google is one of best world search engine to answer everyone question. But these sites are different to build help people in many ways. Everyone can provide information about something if a question is asked. More people means more help for someone who ask question to community.

Some Common Benefits of These Sites

These sites are not just to answers questions posted by everyone but some awesome benefits are also there for people. Platform like these are not limited to just help people but there are some good benefits too.

Build Your Identity

These places where people are looking for answers are good way to build unique identity. Its simple to start answering everyone question possible with good quality info. In few weeks people may start respecting you and also community creators can appreciate your help. This can help you in many ways other then limited to these sites.

Traffic for Websites

Those blogger who are worry about traffic should join these platforms. These are awesome way to get traffic because thousands of people are always active here. You must be careful and don’t fill your answers with too many links and spam. They can ban you any time. What you can do is simple. Start answering questions which are popular with good info and hide link in post.

Sell products

Affiliate marketers can also use these sites to sell their products. If someone is asking about a product and some details, you can just give them simple info with your link to follow. All questions related to products are important to get leads for all with sites to sell products.

Few Lists by Famous Websites

Our list is limited to top 10 sites out of many but those who want to know about more question answer platforms should visit sites mentioned in this section. Tech Shamim is site who provide short simple list of 27 sites with no information or full details. Another list with no information is Online Marketing Things. Visit 3 more sites with lists of question answer sites like SEO Multiplex, WP Marketx and Digital Marketing profs.

Short Summary of Question and Answer Websites in 2020

  1. Quora
  2. Answer Bag
  4. Yahoo Answers
  6. Blurt It
  7. Super User
  8. Fluther
  9. The Answer Bank
  10. Ask Reddit

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1- Quora

One of most famous, fastest growing and top rated site is Quora. Millions of people are using it all the time for asking questions. People can ask questions from their profile and they also receive suggested questions ask as by their activity. One option is available to request people answer your question and they receive it on their profile with notification.

Another part of this site is called Spaces. Its like sub categories inside which are created for different purposes. Its similar to Facebook groups where all people are united to post, comment related to title of that groups. In Quora there are many spaces related to many top topics are available and users can add questions only. Its very effective because these spaces includes users who are interested in title only.

Visit Quora

2- Answer Bag

Its 2nd in list and becoming popular with time. Many options are available similar to other sites like anyone can post question. Users can answer questions of their interest and this site provide complete details of user activity on site. There were some problem on this site before and they have made a new version of Answer Bag.

Many categories are added and also signup process with more security is included. Profile system is also changed and new version may become best compare to other sites. This is not easy to receive popularity or grow with speed similar to Quora but Answer Bag developers are trying.

Visit Answer Bag


This is site everyone should visit to get good answers. Its easy to find because of its domain name and great site in top 10 lists. Users can post questions, answer them and also up vote or down vote any question. Interface is most awesome where users can find trending and unanswered questions fast.

Users can also view questions and answer without log in and one special section is about Best Top questions. Some of questions are visited, answered or voted thousands of time already. There is no limitation of questions type but categorise are limited compare to many sites.


4- Yahoo Answers

Everyone know Yahoo and millions of people are using their mailing system already. Their Yahoo Answer service is awesome and popular. Its very old and people are looking, using new upcoming sites more these days. There are too many categories with millions of answered questions.

Yahoo appreciate everyone who contribute more with answers. Their is one leader board with people who are top of list with most answers or most points. Those who are looking for quick answers can use this service and find best contributors. Asking questions to them is great and receiving quick response is also expected.

Visit Yahoo Answers


Most designed and awesome looking community is where users can earn coin by answering. Its like site currency which is used to buy lot of products with discount and many offers are available on right bar. Leaderboard is another awesome feature to provide info about who earn how much coins or points.

Some features are common to other sites like users can ask questions with choices, create photo poll. One awesome thing about this site is shoutout where we can ask nearby easily.


6- Blurt It

Most awesome site with main & sub categories and thousands of answered questions is BlurtIt. This is popular site and each question is viewed too many times and almost received too many answers. There are special search options like Ask, Topic or Discover.

Its not like a spam type community because all questions are genuine and answered are provided with good quality. People can ask questions and answer to others similar to all other sites.

Visit Blurt It

7- Super User

Super user is not a site like others where people visit for fun. This is platform which is used for mostly technical issues solutions. Every one who may have any problem with laptop, mobile or anything similar can ask here or answer. Stack Exchange is large network of many random communities and its not possible for everyone to answer.

Process of asking question is simple like a user can ask from home page by adding tag in it. Community members vote for it and top questions reach to top. This is not site for everyone to visit but mostly about people who face any technical problem join it.

Visit Super User

8- Fluther

Most awesome place and everyone should visit it. This community is not much of active like too many top site. But there are still thousands of people using to ask questions or answer them. They have chat option and also blog with great articles on top of site.

Popular topics and community feed options are added on sidebar to get easy access to trending questions. Two main sections are included in home page, general and social. Social is normally about express feeling by anyone.

Visit Fluther

9- The Answer Bank

The Answer Bank is like collection of huge database of Q & answers. This is great site where people can ask very long questions. There are too many categories available on top of site to explore by everyone. Latest post system is added on right side of site where users can see all type of posts which are just published now.

Easy to create poll system is also available and featured poll system provide with awesome options for everyone to vote. Article system allow users to write articles and this site is not that much popular or quality like others. Its not a site with unlimited all time activity.

Visit The Answer Bank

10- Ask Reddit

Reddit is called front page of internet and their sub reddits are very popular. Some of these sub Reddit are like whole websites with thousands of visitors available. One major problem of this site is strict rules and its like they are chasing after every question answers.

There is no other active sites like Reddit where one answer can receive over 30 thousands answers and 50 thousands votes. This awesome is in 10th in list because its not easy for everyone to post. They always look for spam and it become hard for everyone to start adjusting in it.

Visit Ask Reddit


These site are great ways of information and also you can receive help from too many different people. We suggest you to join only active sites because there are many sites like this which are already dead over the time. There is not point to join dead communities and its only waste of time.

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