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Rabbit Alternatives
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Rabbit Alternatives – Rabbit.it was one best site for creating room to invite others, etc. We have collected 18 best alternatives to this amazing site. All of these alternatives are tested by us and provide great similar features to rabbit or even better.

What was Rabbit.it ?

It was a video streaming site and app launched in 2014. It becomes very popular with time and it allows many users to watch different video content at the same time from all over the world. The experience was really amazing and people felt like they are sitting together in the same place watching a movie or series together.

Rabbit includes many options like creating a room by a host who can invite other people. There were 2 types of rooms as per their privacy and people loved both of them. Users were able to create a private room where they can invite anyone of their choice like family and friends and no one else can disturb them in any way.

The second option was to create room for everyone who appears on their site and people cab join them openly. Too many rooms were created for everyone and people can read details of the room and join it if they like content shared in the room.

One of the most powerful features was audio and video chat when you are watching special content shared by the host. It means Rabbit was the most powerful site and app for talking to family, friends or make new friends from open rooms.

Youtube and other popular sites like Netflix are hosting all videos on their platform which people can access any time. Rabbit was different and using a virtual computer system that users can use to stream from many sites easily.


Rabbit becomes very powerful and popular compare to all other services in a very short time with active 3 million + users. The company hired many employers from all over the world. Many other services are created these days and also becoming more popular then Rabbit. People really love their site design as they provide a great user experience.

Another important reason for popularity was good people creating rooms and also watching together. It was really hard to find any hater who try to insult others because of host power to take any action against them. It was pretty famous and great app and website for millions of users.

What Happened to Rabbit.it ?

Rabbit.it was becoming more popular with time but there were some problems which force site owners to completely shut down this site. Some of these problems were created by this site creators and also they were not able to continue for long.

The major problem continued updates and the goal was to fix any errors, make it really better for all users. The updates it many times but it was not successful and lead to more problems and people started to complain a lot.

The company faced some financial problem and it means they were not able to earn enough to continue their services for cheap rates. Too many other sites were created in the competition of rabbit which also affects their earning.

Are these Rabbit Alternatives providing the same or better experience?

Millions of people loved this site and still, they remember it, looking for it returns as no other site provides a similar experience. Many new sites are amazing and they improving their services with time, learning more.

All these sites have their own features but mostly copying other sites. You can say their design is better, different, and improved from other sites but some services are similar. Few features from rabbit are adopted by many top sites.

Why people searching for Rabbit Alternatives a lot everywhere?

Many sites were already available for a long time but Rabbit provides the greatest experience that people started to join it and leave other sites. This site receives millions of active users in a very short time which explains how much people love to use this site.

Rabbit was becoming less popular with time after some stupid updates but still, customers were only asking to improve. The most common demand from people was to restore the site back to the old version where they have fewer problems and a great experience.

Many new sites are created but people are confused about which site to join as everyone claims to provide the same services for them. One best way for them is to look for Rabbit Alternatives to get a list of best services.

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1- Kosmi

The most powerful site is completely free for everyone. You don’t need to create an account and there are no special instructions required for you to begin. The process is very simple and all you have to do is visit their site and start with creating a new room or join already made.

Many rooms are created for everyone to join but the host can also change the privacy of a room and those who want to join must request for it. This option is best for those who are looking to watch something with friends and family.

You can share your mobile screen or connect from any video sites like Netflix or YouTube for free. Another important feature is to play games chosen by the site with friends. Joining a room is very simple because all you need is to visit the URL of the room to connect.

There is one option where you can donate real money to the creator of this site. You can buy a coffee for him, support him monthly or yearly. Kosmi is free for everyone and it only works because of these donations.

You may see one big problem on this site which makes it a less effective alternative to Rabbit. Activity is very less on this site, many rooms are created where no one is available for chat. If you want to use for private purpose, this is the best place for you. There is no chance to meet hundreds of strangers and like-minded people on this site.

2- Together Tube / Watch2Gether

This site allows users to stream videos from YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, or other paid video sites. They show a lot of ads on their site everywhere which is important for them to support their system. You can purchase plus version which can provide you a great experience without ads and also some more powerful features.

Creating a room is free for everyone where you can stream from other sites or play already made videos by users. You can invite your friends to join the room to watch it together. Webcam support is also available and they allow chat in rooms for everyone who joins it.

Another feature is to play files directly from your computer or share a remote desktop screen. As Kosmi there is no need to create an account, everything is free for its users with some conditions like ads.

It shows a search bar when you create a room on their site where you can select from allowed famous video sites. To start watching, you just need to paste the link from these sites like YouTube, Twitch, or others. Together the tube allows users to make playlist for them to watch continue.

3- Netflix Party

Netflix’s party is google chrome extension and you also need a Netflix account to watch these videos. You can create a watch party or join other people to watch parties. This is not free because you have to pay for Netflix services.

You can see many differences when using this service compare to others. They don’t allow you to share anything else other than their own videos which are millions. Chat option is available which you can use to communicate when watching videos, movies, or tv series.

Netflix’s party is an amazing app for Netflix users but you should know that many people are always looking for free content. This is a horrible alternative for those who can’t afford to buy Netflix account. There are some features similar to rabbit but this service is different from many other alternatives.

One of the most famous sites Netflix where users can watch millions of videos like wrestling, movies, tv-series, programs, and much more. This service is great news for those users who are already using it. They don’t need to use some other sites to watch anything with their faraway friends and families.

Those who are looking to share their own content from a computer or watch movies or series from YouTube or other sites can’t get any benefit from it. Netflix parties don’t provide an option for users to share anything other than their site’s videos.

4- Share Tube

The very simple and best alternative to rabbit where you can create or join a room within a few seconds. It allows you to stream YouTube videos by entering the link in the search bar after joining the room.

One of the major disadvantages of this service is limited options like you can only stream YouTube videos. But it is free for everyone which is best compare to Netflix Party where you have to buy their services. Millions of YouTube videos are already available which you can use to play with friends and family.

You can create a room with a unique name and first created a user name or join any room if you know the name of other rooms. There is no need to signup to use this site and it is completely free for everyone.

Another disadvantage when using this service is the limitation of their site. There is no free list of rooms created where you can join and make new friends, watch with strangers. One solution to this problem is typing random names when joining a room that can take you to some other rooms.

This is a very limited service, simple but lacks of many important features. There is no way to find out how many people are using this service as there is no simple user interface. It is one of the best services if you want to play videos with friends and looking for small private parties of limited people.

5- Airtime

Airtime is another alternative to rabbit but it works on mobile like Android or iOS. There are many great features of this site like video chat or watch movies together. Another feature is to send messages to friends and family.

You may think this service is like a social media site and most focus is all about social connections. But their feature to provide watch together is awesome. You can stream videos from YouTube and many other sites.

There are over 1 million downloads on play store but you may know rating is very low compare to many sites. It shows Airtime is not much great service or successful compare to other sites. They may focus most of the social side of their app instead of streaming effects.

Airtime allows users to create room to watch together with people of their choice. There are many open rooms created which you can join to watch with other people. Over 10 people can join these chat rooms but it is great for many people for a short party together.

6- Rave

Rave is another app like Airtime but it is better to compare to their services. Their downloads are over 5 million with a rating of 4 which proves that this service is becoming more popular with time. Their features are similar to rabbit and they are working fine.

They focus on streaming but intend to become social media center. You can share videos and music with friends and family. Chat and talking are allowed when watching, you can upload videos on YouTube, dropbox, and more to watch with friends.

You can also access their site to use on computers. This site is great for music lovers to create streaming, mix different music, and more. Awesome alternatives to rabbit which is completely free and completely different from all other services.

7- My Circle

Most of the use of this site is similar to other alternatives. There are some powerful features on this site like you can create or join room instant, upload videos, r share videos from sites like YouTube in your room.

Search other rooms by their id, videos by adding URL in the search bar, some of the sample rooms are provided on the page for better understanding.

8- Kast

Kast is a great alternative to Rabbit because they purchased the remaining rabbit after it was closed. Unlike Rabbit, Kast is full of great different features that mean they don’t focus on only streaming videos with friends and family.

You can access Kast from the browser and they are planning to launch apps for mobile phones like apple. It allows you to chat, share videos, text, and streaming services like rabbit. Hosting tv parties with over 100 people is possible with this service.

One important feature is playing video games and share with friends in real experience. Kast is not focusing only on video streaming but also provide great features for video lovers.

Premium version is also available for this site which allows users to get the full benefit of their services. Ads-free experience is only available in free version. You can get multiple streams option with premium.

9- Two Seven

It is great alternative to rabbit but they don’t support live audio commentary and you can only chat when using TwoSeven. You have to create an account on this site to get started, unlike other sites where there is no need to sign up.

They focus on 3 important things like streaming videos where you can get as many friends and family members together to watch. There is no great alternative to rabbit because the streaming experience is amazing and perfect. This is an awesome site that helps people to connect with each other to watch movies or tv series live an enjoy.

The webcam is allowed to use and the best way to see your friend’s real reaction when watching together with you. But you cant talk them using a mic, chatting is the only option available this time.

10- Meta Stream

Meta stream is similar to rabbit in many ways but they use the most powerful different system compare to rabbit. There are 2 ways to use this crazy system, create or join the session using links, or find open public rooms by users.

This site connects users with Discord community which is already a powerful system with millions of active users all the time. Meta stream channel is very popular there, all public rooms are part of that page. Users must create an account on Discord to get this information.

It is completely free for everyone but it is for private sessions and to reach hundreds of open rooms, you must join another site. They dont include list of public rooms on their site which is different from rabbit and may become problem for many users who dont know anything about Discord.

One major disadvantage is that they only allow streaming from online sites like YouTube or similar. You can’t stream your own videos or less popular sources. Meta stream is too much awesome if you are good with this advantage as their services are powerful and high quality.

11- Caracal

A most amazing alternative to rabbit which you can consider true Rabbit Similar Sites. You can join any stream without making an account on it. Some popular streams are part of their home page which you can watch free.

Sign up is required to make room and share with family and friends. You can stream from any site you want on this site. There are no fixed limitations like the only stream from fixed sites like YouTube or Netflix.

They have a search box that you can use to find any rooms like a search engine. They offer you to join their community on Discord where you can find great friends and also many amazing rooms created by users.

One chat box is available on the right side which users can use to send reactions while watching. An amazing way to watch movies or series with friends and family.

12- Tutturu

Browser shared service which allows users to take a turn while browsing. You can create a room or join other people’s rooms with links. Thye can play videos and watch together but the most focus is screen sharing.

This is a growing site where they are adding new features all the time. The paid version is also available which allows users to get some new features. But you may feel that they need to improve a lot and become better compare to other services.

One powerful benefit is to allow users to visit their friends or family computer and use their resources for free. If you have a weak computer, but your friends have an awesome high-speed laptop, you must use this service to get all benefits.

13- SyncPlay

Syncplay is software that is available for computers that you can download and stream your videos. Everyone must have this software to get benefits from it. If you have this software, you can stream videos from your computer and everyone who downloads this software can watch them.

You can say there are too many features missing in this service and it is a very bad alternative to rabbit. But you can find it amazing where many people can watch their favorite shows together. Developers are working to make this service more amazing and new updates can show more new features.

14- Anime Party

Another limited service which focuses on anime only. You can’t share anything from your side, all popular video sites are not allowed to share, the only way to get benefit is their own anime library of videos.

You should make an account to get benefits from it, this site is created for anime lovers only. Some features are similar like you can create room to invite others to join and watch with you. Chat features allow you to interest when watching.

15- Explorii

Explorii is an amazing new app which focuses everything from trending topics to video chat, make friends or phone call and more. They almost cover everything like streaming service is great and amazing compare to many sites.

It is like a social media app but allows you to create private rooms for streaming videos. We accept that it is not the best alternative to rabbit but streaming features are awesome.

16- Synclounge

Plex is part of this amazing site which is the best way to create rooms and watch videos with friends and family. Synclounge is not a great alternative to rabbit because many features are missing.

Features are limited because you can only share videos available in their store, open rooms are not available in common and some other limitation. Plex is the only thing that makes it similar to rabbit but overall you can get great benefits from this site.

17- And Chill

AndChill is a great alternative to rabbit because their focus is only on Streaming videos. They allow to play videos from YouTube and many other sites include a playlist of many videos.

There are many public rooms which anyone can join, you can create a private room to watch anything with people of your choice. When you create a room it looks like you are watching videos in the cinema with family and friends.

18- Parsec

Parsec is a great site that focuses on gaming only. You can share the screen with other people and also stream videos together with the chat features. Access your computer from anywhere you want using an amazing screen sharing feature.

Play many great games with friends together without worry about paying money to any site. Speed is amazing on this site and many users can play together same time. Another feature is collection of arcade games where you can play against other players from all over the world.

Special Benefits of These Sites / Apps – Rabbit Alternatives

These great sites are best for people to connect with other people while watching movies, series, or also talking with them. One special benefit is for those people who are far away from each other, they have the best way to connect with each other.

You can imagine watching a movie with your friend who is far away and also discussing everything. The whole family can connect together to watch their favorite on this site while talking, sending audio or videos, live chat is also available.

Another powerful benefit of these sites is to make new friends while watching something in a room. You can see many users live in different rooms available on these sites, talk to them discussing movies or series. All sites provide cheap packages for all users and some of them with limited free services.


Rabbit is gone but these alternatives are the best way to get some experience for connecting with family and friends. It will take sometime before any site may provide the same great experience like rabbit but it’s up to users to test these services and provide reviews to know which one is best for others.

The market is full of many streaming services and all of them are getting some good customers. It is best for someone to just buy a rabbit.it rights and remakes it from scratch. Millions of people will join this new site automatically as they still miss rabbit experience.

Final Words

Our site is created to help everyone and this post is all about best streaming services which you can enjoy with friends and family. If you get any benefit from this site, please share it on your social media or suggest to other people.

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