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Social Media Sites of all time is list of most active, popular and high rated common networks like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

Table of Content
1. Social Media Importance
2. Tips to choose Social Media
3. Top Lists by Popular Sites
4. Short Summary of Social Media Sites of all time
5. Conclusion
Social Media Sites of all time

Social Media Importance

Most of people in this world are connected to social media in some way and all of them are using them for different purposes. It becomes very important part of our life and activity on these site is increasing with time. These platforms allow users to connect each other in many way.

They share thoughts, pictures, videos and much more with other people. Making friends online with different people from everywhere was never easy. Another benefit is to join people of similar interest. There are all type of networks are available, some for videos, other for pictures and some like Facebook or Reddit are for everything.

Joining these network is easy and some people use them to get traffic on their site or sell products or create fans. Large networks like Facebook are difficult to fully explore and people should join their favorite interest sites instead of running after everything.

Tips to choose Social Media

First tip is to choose networks as per your requirements which is easy to find. If you are making pictures, there is no need to waste time on sites where no one care much about them or less. Why you want to join Tumblr for sharing pictures? when Snapchat or Instagram are top in list.

If there is no special reason to join a site, you should choose those who are good for everything. Facebook support videos, groups, pages, profile, chatting and everything. You should Reddit where all type of sub reddits are available to support everyone.

Top Lists by Popular Sites

Many lists are available on internet where they includes many social media networks. More then 65 Social media sites are part of Make a Website Hub. One article on Buffer explain about 21 top social media networks with details. Two more sites where over 40 sites are discussed are Influence Marketing Hub and Auto Monkey.

Short Summary of Social Media Sites of all time

  1. Facebook
  2. Reddit
  3. Twitter
  4. Instagram
  5. Pinterest
  6. Whatsapp
  7. YouTube
  8. SnapChat
  9. LinkedIn
  10. Tumblr

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1- Facebook

There is no perfect alternative for Facebook available. Many of new sites are trying to build networks trying to reach to top level but its impossible. Millions of active users per day are using it and its increasing even there are some privacy related issues with it.

Facebook is not limited to anything and it covers almost everything what people need in social media. You can use for videos, images, chatting, calling, make friends, write articles and much more. Groups and pages are very popular and everyone wall is really awesome place to create for all.

Visit Facebook

2- Reddit

Famous as front page of internet and very popular among people these days. We can say its one of fastest growing site and thousands of people are active in popular sub Reddit’s. They build community system with very strict rules to avoid spam by people.

These are very large communities are almost cover everything from images to videos, question & answers to articles and lot more. Its different from Facebook but many features are really awesome and one popular post by someone can reach to thousands of views in days.

Visit Reddit

3- Twitter

Its different from other networks and all about followers system where people follow their favorite brands or each other. Almost everyone from actors to politicians and others are using it to stay connected with their followers. They can share anything in short tweet system and all followers receive notification same time.

People can easily find favorite characters from all over the world and receive latest updates by them. Trending topics is another popular features and it shows which topics are most favorite by people right now. This network is mostly focus on creating fan community system for everyone.

Visit Twitter

4- Instagram

One of best network for images is Instagram which is specially build for sharing all type of pictures. Many special tools are build by developers like private messages, follow profile who add pictures you like, live video streaming, videos editing tools and others. Hash tags are very important part of it and millions of people look for them with unlimited pictures related to them.

Story archive is awesome feature which store all of images uploaded by any user to access later. This network is not including many features like wide network but its best for images lovers. We suggest people to use it if they are related to images only.

Visit Instagram

5- Pinterest

Another network focusing on images but this is very different from Instagram or Snap Chat in many ways. User can add a url from their site and it will automatically fetch all required details such as image of connected to that link. This site is mostly about promoting websites by adding their link with images.

Pinterest is popular in Google search results and many links are appearing if people search for something. Its also about following and some famous profile are receiving millions of monthly visitors. Women are mostly using this network for their purposes. One best way to get famous is continues updates of images.

Visit Pinterest

6- Whatsapp

Whatsapp is completely different from all other sites but its more popular then many sites. Almost every one may use it in their life because of its system build for quick chat or sharing anything. Users can transfer data from one contact to other and also share contact details.

Groups on whatsapp are amazing and people can join them using group link invite. These groups are used to share data and also become great chat room these days. Whatsapp business is also available with a lot more features better then free.

Visit Whatsapp

7- YouTube

Billions of videos are available on this platform and people use them for many purposes. There is no other best alternative compare to YouTube yet. Live streaming is good for many people to connect with their fans. Users can build channel and upload videos and those who love these videos can subscribe these channels to receive latest videos.

People use these channels to earn money because Adsense is easy to active after completing basic requirements. YouTube becomes one of best teaching university where people can learn about anything after watching random videos by experienced users.

Visit YouTube

8- SnapChat

Snap Chat is very popular with millions of active users all the time. In this system user can take a photo or upload and quick share with everyone in their contact list. That picture will disappear in 24 hours time but user cans ave one copy of it on their profile.

They build one app for this purpose and thats only best way to use it. Groups are also part of it where users can easily share one snap which can reach to every group member. Chatting system is also available and user can talk or send snap every one separate.

Visit SnapChat

9- LinkedIn

This site is all about searching jobs with millions of employers and those who are searching for jobs. Its hard to find any alternative as successful or huge like this when searching for a job. Some pages are build for purpose of sharing jobs and other reasons.

Profile of many companies are also build where they add latest update related to them. Job system is great to find new jobs and user receive notification upon new updates. Anyone can visit profile of best companies employers and request them to hire you by showing your skills with cv etc.

Visit LinkedIn

10- Tumblr

This is unique platform which allow users to build multiple blog on it. These blogs are like profile wall of any user. User can share images, links, post and much more on it. Best practice is to make friends and visit other profile so they will also do the same.

It takes time to reach high level but some of posts shared on these blogs are receiving thousands of likes. Tumblr is designed mostly for short version of posts where its easy to share quick random posts. But there is no limit of sharing long content also.

Visit Tumblr


These sites in our list are best for everyone. Millions of daily active users are using them and these sites are growing fast. But this is not a list of everything. There are many new awesome sites available but we know it takes time to reach on level of these platforms. We try to cover all famous topics and interest of everyone.

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