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WordPress Important Plugins is list of updated plugins for you to explore and use for every site.

Why we have created this list?

Save everyone time to search from thousands of plugins available online.

Help you to ignore useless plugins who offer best and totally meaning less.

Provide you one top plugin selected from each category. You should add very important one only to avoid heavy load on site.

Few plugins are downloaded millions of time but you should know there is no need for something to be famous to be BEST IN THE WORLD.

All these plugins are tested on our site and thousands of random different plugins are added and experimented to show you this list.

New users are badly effected as they test almost all plugins in store to find out what is best for them?

Here is list of all these plugins for you to install.

1- Yoast SEO

This is best plugin for you to create site map and you should ignore Google XML Sitemaps plugin after using it.

Yoast SEO save your data and extra load on your site because they have own built in XML site map created which provide best results.

It gives you chance to write great content and you can feel like a teacher is guiding you all the time. All you have to do is follow instructions. All new bloggers can follow if they don’t know much about On Page SEO.

There is no need for all these results to be perfect 100 % for you consider your article may rank higher. These are tools to help you write best quality post without any errors.

2- a3 Lazy Load with Swift Lite Performance

You can find plugins in play store which are downloaded millions times to improve site speed. We suggest to use these plugins and ignore all heavy plugins for your site like Auto Optimize, WP Fasted Cache and W3 Total Cache.

Results are awesome and perfect for your site with these small light weights plugins we are using instead big masters.

You can easily connect free Cloud Flare CDN with this site using Swift Lite. It provides you best options for removing all extra data which is load on your site for nothing like revisions of posts. One click clear cache is amazing and unlike top plugins there is no need to reload page.

3- Akismet

Spam comment is one big problem for every site because you can receive hundreds of random comments with links all the time. You can easily apply option for comment approval before posting but who want to waste time on that? Its hard to find any alternative for this awesome plugin.

Akismet automatically clear all spam comments and there are no difficult settings available which may be hard to understand for some users. You can imagine importance of this plugin, many links coming from spam comments are connected to porn type sites which is very bad for any site.

4. Sucuri WP Plugin

Our list is incomplete without a security plugin which is very important. Some top most downloaded plugins are available like Wordfence, All in one WP security and iTheme security. You should know some problems with these famous plugins.

They have too many options which create problems for users to understand what to do? Some plugins are worst nightmare for new users and they are scare to turn on or off something which may effect their site in any way.

Important features are not part of these plugins and they just want to buy their premium versions. You can see very high quality features compare to Sucuri but you can’t touch them.

There are very few simple options in this plugin and most focus is about users who log in to WordPress. Firewall & they collect record of everyone who log in for long time. You will receive details about who log in last in this system.

5- Smush

Speed is very important for every site and a site with too many pictures always problems when loading them. Smush is 1st choice for every user who want to compress or resize pictures. We suggest users to optimize pictures before uploading them.

Simple settings allow user you fix size of every picture they have on site. Another big advantage is auto optimization when ever you upload new picture. Bulk smush allow users to compress pictures which are not already finished before.

Some alternative are also available but suggest to use this plugin only. Imagify, Short Pixel and EWWW Image Optimizer are also popular in store with thousands of downloads.

Smush can do what ever a user want about images on their site. Its better if you choose proper setting or it can also decrease quality of images which is bad for user experience.

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6- Everest Form

Which form you need is all depend on you because most of people are using plugins to create simple Contact Us form only. Choices are a lot available in store like some plugins are downloaded millions of time already. Some of popular plugins are Contact Form by WpForms, Contact Form 7 and Ninja Forms.

There is one big problem with most forms which are popular, they provide too much options to create a lot of many type of forms. Similar to Security plugins, their services are limited and they want you to buy their premium versions to get full benefits.

Why you need these high plugins with tons of features and restrictions everywhere if you just want a simple contact form?

As you can see its very simple form and best for most of new & old sites who are just looking to create Contact Us form. Our own contact form created is example for you to know how it work perfectly.

7- Simple Social Buttons 

Social media is very important for everyone because billions of people are connected to these sites from all over the world. Users must have some kind of options to share your content to anywhere they want if they like it. One viral share can give you thousands of visitors and plugins are very important to create share options.

WordPress store is full of many plugins like Ocean Social Sharing, Super Socializer and Sassy Social Share are on top of list. Few of these plugins are extra load on site because users may not optimize them properly.

Simple Social Buttons is part of WordPress Important Plugins because they offer a lot of great features and icons looks very nice. One important suggestion for users is to ignore too much social options on site. It can effect site speed and user are not normally sharing all the time.

8- Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights

Visitors are important part of every site and its best if you know every details about them. Almost every one using WordPress always choose Google Analytics because they provide complete details free of cost. One best alternative is Jetpack but you have to add a lot of their features too which can effect your site speed.

You can use some other outside visitor counters but this plugin is best which provide you details with lot of many options. Easy to customize results as per your desire and totally free. Its provides you complete info like sources, countries, age of visitors and much more.

9- Google Website Translator

There is no limit of benefits of adding a translator plugins on your site. You may think Chrome provide with auto translation already and there is no need to install a plugin for that. There are 2 reasons why you need a translator plugin.

1st of all its not possible for every user to know good knowledge of browsers. They may want to translate in their language but they have no idea how to do it? Its very simple for them to just click on one icon and translate whole page instead of wasting time on searching for translate options on their browser.

2nd if you want visitors on your site, we suggest you to focus on world billions of people like Chinese, Indians, Russians and Arabic. Join their communities and write in their languages after translation by Google but when they visit your site, you need to give them easy option to read.

Some of famous plugins are available in store with millions of download already. We choose a different plugin because of some special reason. Some of famous plugins are Loco Translate, Translate Press and G Translate.

Most of article writers always ignore to add Translator Plugin in to their list of WordPress Important Plugins. There is no reason to ignore billions of people who don’t understand English and they should be able to read whatever you write in their language. Google already spent too much effort in translation and that’s why we choose a plugin base on Google instead of famous plugins.

10- Google Feed Burner

Email marketing is important part of every business and its very good for a blog to have active emails users. Most of people are already transfer to some awesome looking email marketing software but Feed Burner is still popular.

Some famous plugins used for this purpose are MailPoet, Email Subscribers & Newsletters and Sumo. All of these services provide free and also pro features which are best for every business.

We add Google Feed Burner in list of WordPress Important Plugins because they have some awesome features all are free. You can create feed for your site and submit anywhere. Emails subscription is available with counter which you can place anywhere on your site. Its suggested for every new user who don’t know much about blogging.


These are plugins every WordPress user must install to get successful results. Many more plugins are available but they are all depend on users if they want to use them or not.

For example, Ad Inserter is only good for those who already have approved Adsense. Images or video plugins are only for those who want to use pictures or video on their site.

Our website is created in 2 parts for users of all kind. Top 10 Lists is to provide best knowledge of who world to all users with awesome lists after one day. Blogging Special series is for only those who want to earn money online from blogging. We will share more articles every day.

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