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WordPress Must Have Plugins is list which provides top plugins which should be use for every website running WordPress. Comment below if you disagree with us in any way.

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How We choose?
Short List of Top 10 WordPress Must Have Plugins


Its a open source platform which is very easy to use and create Websites. Features includes template and plugin system. This platform is useful for those people who dont know any coding language. Using WordPress is so easy that its users with very simple knowledge of web designing can build very high quality websites. There are lot of themes and plugins are available for free and some are paid versions. It was only few years back and its widely use by most sites these days.

Thousands of free and paid themes are provided by different developers as per everyone requirements. For example, we can easily build our store for shopping in WordPress with few clicks because of Woo-commerce themes. Too many tasks are easy to perform with the help of plugins. For example, its very easy to track who visit our website with plugin and it can be done on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Some times more then 1 plugin is available for same tasks such as for tracking visitors there are few famous plugins available for same purpose in WordPress Store.

Simple way of adding plugins is visit to WordPress store or upload from your computer or mobile. Almost all of them are available on other websites and users can download and upload them in their website.

How We choose?

As we said before, there are thousands of plugins available and some of them are build for same purpose. To backup a website, we can see many plugins available which is hard to decide. Each plugin which we have selected for users is must have for each website for better performance.


There are some other Websites providing some awesome lists and we suggest users to visit them also and compare our list with them.Two famous websites Themegrill and IsItWp added top lists of plugins which they think are better for everyone to use commonly.

Short List of Top 10 WordPress Must Have Plugins

  1. Yoast SEO
  2. Google Analytics
  3. W3 Total Cache
  4. Jetpack by WordPress.com
  5. Wp Forms
  6. Updraft Plus
  7. Smush
  8. Wordfence
  9. WP Optimize
  10. Really Simple SSL

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1- Yoast SEO

SO is Very important for every website because without focusing on it users cant rank their websites on Google. Yoast SEO is one of best plugin which allow users to achieve that goal without any hard work. Most of features are free but premium version includes too many awesome options. It provides check list for users to write post according to requirements of SEO.

Users can choose one keyword in free version and also add meta title with description which can be visible to search engines. Seo is very important and we can consider a website as dead without proper SEO. Yoast is only available perfect solution for that problem in wordpress. Some of those plugins are famous and very great way of achieving same goal.

2- Google Analytics

No other plugin can provide that much of details information and free data about visitors compare to Analytics. We can change, build strategies and do lot more for our websites if we know exactly our visitors complete details. Google Analytics is one of most popular plugin with over 2 millions install which shows how much great and awesome it is among users.

Users can start receiving all updates of visitors after connecting this plugin with website. It comes with a dashboard in our WordPress home page and we can easily check out daily stat with out any time wasting. many customisation option allow users to chose their desired results. Many top famous websites are using this plugin and millions of users already installed it using daily without any problems.

3- W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache improve SEO and user experience of site by increasing performance, reducing load time via CDN integration and much more. Its popular among those who care about site speed. Some of benefits of this plugin are improvement in search engine results, page ranking, especially for mobile friendly and those sites which uses SSL.

After full configuration it can speed up page to 10 times. Because of speed visitors stay on site and visit more pages decreasing bounce rate. Up to 80% bandwidth saving via minify and http compression of html, css and JavaScript. Reasons for adding this plugin are many and users can easily read all benefit and features to use this plugin on download page. Its very important part of most wordpress sites. There are many more plugins claiming to do same work and more but we suggest you to use it.

4- Jetpack by WordPress.com

Collection of many plugins is jetpack includes top features. It includes protection, spam filtering, downtime monitor, secure log in with 2 factors authentication, best backup features, scanning of malware, automatic threat scan, a record of every thing changes on website.

It includes stats for site like google analytics, too many different themes to make pro website, perfect customisation tools, paypal button for selling products and much more.

SEO tools for Google, Bing, Facebook, wordpress.com  and many more to maximize reach. An advertising network system which includes Google AdSense, Facebook ads, AOL, Bing and Yahoo. Integration with official mobile apps to run from mobile or anywhere. Some of services are available only paid and its best experience to use them. Video and image optimization is also available and its better then many others.

5- Wp Forms

One of best plugins which allow users to create different type of forms with simple drag drop system with out requirements of hiring someone or any coding. Users can create Contact, Feedback, Subscription, Payment and many other type of forms. Lot of different forms are available and users can get full benefits without knowledge of any coding . Contact forms are mobile friendly and it works perfectly on all type of devices like mobile, laptop, tablets etc.

It also focus on speed and as per developers its one of top plugins with awesome speed compare to many other plugins available for same purpose for WordPress. Some other plugins are also popular but we have chosen this as its best out of all of them. Another top feature is survey and polls which are also easy to create using same one plugin. There are some pro features also available which are providing more then free version but free version is enough for most users.

6- Updraft Plus

Updraft is backup and simple restore data plugin for WordPress websites. Its world highest ranking and most popular schedule backup plugin with over 2 millions active installation. Backup your files and database in online Cloud storage and restore with one click. Some of top sites available for backup like drop box, Google drive, Amazon, FTP, Email and many more. In pro version, more other sites are also available for backup.

This plugin is very important because anything can happen to our website such as anyone can hack our data, service crash, anything go wrong with new updates, hosting company get busted and many more. This plugin is best for everyone because there is no guarantee for what can happen specially those sites which are earning good profit.

7- Smush

Image compression and optimisation plugin which is very important for speed of our website. This plugin compress images after reducing size and speed up pages. Its perfect for specially those sites with more images and effect speed too much. Premium features are very good and it compress more then free versions. One of famous and award winning plugin for this purpose of optimisation is Smush.

Its not effecting image quality and speed up loading time. This plugin automatically find images available on site and compress them as per subscription plan. Also compatible with media library plugins and it doesn’t effect others. Focus of this plugin is on speed without effecting quality and lot of more. We chose this plugin because without images can become great problems for any website. Website can take lot of time to load and it effect users who cant wait.

8- Wordfence

One of best plugin for security and firewall is Wordfence. No one can compare benefits provided by this plugin with other similar. Web application firewall identifies and block malware traffic. Its build and maintain by large team to make sure. It saves from dangerous log in attempts by hackers. Malware scanner checks core files, themes and plugins for malware, bad urls, backdoor seo spam, dangerous attacks.

Security is Very important for every platform on internet and lot of dangerous hackers are always ready to destroy other websites. This plugin and many more are available to defend us against them. We have chosen Wordfence because of its popularity and good ratings by users. It provides too many features in free version compare to others and which are enough for most of small sites.

9- WP Optimize

Auto optimising is very important and this plugin work fine to do it. It removes unnecessary data such as  trash, unapproved comments, stable date, pingback, trackback and many more options. Also allow users to choose how they want to optimise their site and it works perfectly as per those settings. This plugin is Mobile friendly and easy to use. Wp optimize is translated into many languages already.

Some features are like Making space by removing old revisions of each post, provides full report of all problems like waste space, works auto after its started and there is no need to use it manually.

10- Really Simple SSL

This plugin automatically detects settings and configures website to run over https. It required only few clicks to connect site with ssl. Remember, this plugin is not providing any ssl certificate but its must have wordpress plugin to easily activate that settings with one click. Its necessary to make backup before using this Plugin but its not doing any harm to our data because we have tested it already.

This plugin is specially recommend for those who are completely new to WordPress and they already purchased SSL Certificate and dont know how to activate it. Over 2 millions of active installation are already done by users and its one of best, famous and favourite plugin of many users. There is no other plugin or option available to activate SSL Certificate with one click and simple settings like Really Simple SSL. Some website already provide this settings but still its one of best wordpress must have plugins.

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